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What Are Curved Hairdressing Scissors Used For?

by James Adams October 07, 2020 3 min read

What Are Curved Hairdressing Scissors Used For? | Japan Scissors

Curved hairdressing scissors are part of your arsenal for cutting and styling hair. These styling shears have curved blades that can be far more useful than straight blade shears in certain situations.

Every stylist should have a pair of these ready to turn their customers’ hairdos into masterful works of art.

Generally speaking, these scissors are specialised as precise instruments that can trim in meticulous detail, being able to cut hair smoothly and sharply without bending the strands. Curved scissors are even used during surgery to cut sutures without moving the underlying tissue.

In this article, we’ll put the spotlight on curved shears and discuss what makes them different from straight shears, what they’re used for, and what makes them stand out from other scissor types.

What Are Curved Hairdressing Scissors?

Curved shears are optimised for working on fine details, so they’re usually a little smaller and thinner than regular shears. 

For the same reason, it’s common for them to have larger handles, so the stylist can exercise more control while cutting. 

Because the blades slightly bend like the beak of a bird, they conform better to the curves of your head, cutting exactly as much as you want.

In addition to following an arc shape, these scissors may have blades with convex edges. Convex blades are used to avoid bending or snagging on hair strands, ensuring there won’t be stragglers when you make the cut.

When Should You Use Curved Hairdressing Scissors?

Now, you have a good grasp of what makes these scissors stand out. So what are curved hairdressing scissors used for, exactly? Let’s tackle the key reasons.

When you’re dressing hair, you inevitably run into a part that requires very careful bladework.

You might be cutting very short hair, where you need to trim evenly to complement the shape of your customer’s head. Or you might be cutting hair along the ears. If you’re using straight blades, it can get tricky to slice the strands to the perfect length. 

The curved blade is a better tool for cutting when you need to be precise, and that’s simply because of the shape of our body parts.

Take a look in the mirror - our body parts have a natural, flowing contour to them, and curved hairdressing scissors are designed to follow this outline so your hair doesn’t have any rough edges like a polygon. 

Curved scissors are excellent tools for adding definition to important areas, such as the hair in front, near the ears, and shoulders, and you can use them effectively regardless of your client’s hair is straight, curly, or wavy. 

The Advantages And Benefits When Using Curved Hair Scissors

It’s good to note these functional and ergonomic advantages that curved scissors have over their cousins. 

  • All things considered, curved scissors are easier for novice stylists. They’re perfect for making slight adjustments without much practice.
  • Hair strands are less prone from slipping off the blade and are more likely to be cut at the level you want. 
  • It’s more precise when cutting near the ears or around the head. Case in point; pet owners love using these scissors to trim hair on their pet’s legs and feet.
  • Compared to straight-bladed scissors, curved scissors produce smoother edges that give off a more organic look to your hair. A good stylist pays attention to how hair should complement, rather than detract from, the person’s head and jaw shape. 


James Adams
James Adams

Jun is an experienced writer for hairdressing and barbers. She has a great passion for premium hair scissors, and his favourite brands to cover are Kamisori, Jaguar Scissors and Joewell. She teaches and informs people about scissors, hairdressing and barbering in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

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Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson

August 31, 2021

At first, I was surprised that curved hairdressing scissors are easier for novices but you explained why they work better for people who aren’t used to cutting hair. With so many different haircutting scissors to choose from (like texturing scissors or hair thinning scissors), it sounds like curved scissors are a good starting pair along with regular haircutting scissors.

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