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What Accessories Do I Need to Protect My Hair Cutting Scissors?

Every hair stylist knows the importance of the perfect pair of sheers. But, to protect your scissors from damage and to keep them cutting at their best, there are some accessories you need. In this article, we made a list of some of the most important hair hutting accessories out there!

To protect your hair cutting scissors, you need the accessories that can protect your shears from fall or water damage, and to also prepare the hair so that your haircutting is smooth and effortless.

Browse the best accessories to protect your scissors with HERE!

1. Single Leather Scissor Protector

When you purchase a top-of-the-line pair of hair cutting scissors, you will want to do everything you can to protect them. The best thing you can do is get a single leather scissor protector, because it keeps the blade safe from being chipped from colliding with other scissors or items in your tool kit. After each use, make sure to wash and thoroughly dry your scissors before putting them in the single leather protector. This will keep them from getting dull.

2. Hair scissor pouch plus maintenance kit

A maintenance kit includes everything you need to keep your hair cutting sheers operating at their best. The best kits we’ve found includes a protective scissor pouch, scissor oil brush, tension adjuster key, finger inserts, razor, 10 pack of razor blades, a hair cutting comb and a maintenance cloth. When you purchase and pouch and kit, you get everything you need in one shot, and it is usually less expensive than purchasing every item on its own.

3. Ten-piece hair scissor comb set

We all know that a hairdresser needs more than one pair of scissors. But what many people don’t realize it that they need a variety of hair combs as well. Just like scissors, there are different types of combs for different styles of cutting hair. The 10-piece hair comb set comes with every type of comb a hairdresser or barber needs!

4. Hair Scissor Leather Protective Holster

The most important accessory to protect your hair cutting scissors in a salon or barbershop is the Leather Holster! Each holster can hold up to 9 pairs of hair scissors, and allows you to safely secure and protect them while moving around.

The holster is made from high-quality leather and is extremely robust. It is secured to your waist, and allows you to put in and take out hair scissors while walking around.

Holsters are a recommended accessory for protecting your hair cutting scissors because it reduces the chance of drop and fall damage

5. Hair cutting scissor oil pen

Scissor oil is a super important accessory that every hairdresser and barber needs to keep their sheers on point. A hair cutting scissor oil pen makes it super easy to keep your scissors nice and oiled. Simply twist the body, pop the cap, and brush the blade for weekly oiling to keep your scissors performing at their best.


6. One-piece scissor case

Scissor cases are great for storing and protecting hair cutting sheers. The best ones come with a space for an oil pen and/or comb as well without harming the blades.

7. Leather scissor wallet

Leather scissor wallet are great for the stylist or barber who wants to carry their scissors in style. Our favourites are hand stitched from premium cowhide leather with cotton lining for durability and protection.

8. Hairdresser scissor toolbox

Toolboxes are meant for hairdressers and stylists that are on the go! They are perfect for traveling stylists and are meant to protect all the tools in your toolkit. Toolboxes come in two different sizes, either large or standard and include everything you need for cuts on the go.

9. Japan scissors texturizing razor

Rad hair cutting scissors aren’t the only power tool in a good hair stylist’s toolkit. To finish some of the most fabulous cuts, you also need a premium texturing razor.

10. Authentic Leather Scissor Pouch

The last addition to the list is the lightweight and authentic real leather pouch that protects up to two pairs of hair cutting scissors. 

The Japan Scissors leather pouch is especially popular due to its smaller size, portability, and robust leather to protect yours hair shears from any fall damage, or water damage. Perfect for protecting your scissors in your handbag, backpack or car.


    • I read an interesting article on hair cutting scissor holsters so I was interested to see what other accessories help barbers and stylists protect their scissor sets and barber shears. The oil pen makes lots of sense but I’m not sure how a texturizing razor fits into the scheme of things. LOL.


      Riley Harris

    • There are plenty of cool accessories here for protecting your hair-cutting scissors. I really like the hairdresser scissor toolbox and think it would make a great gift for any hairstylist you know. The leather scissor wallet looks like a good idea for someone who is just carrying a few scissors.


      David Smythe

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