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Top 5 Scissor Holsters | Best Hairdressing Salon Holsters

As a busy hairdresser, sometimes you might find yourself in a deep mess.

Certain things like not finding the right scissors at a crucial moment or unable to locate parting combs make you nervous. So, how can you deal with such a tense situation?

A hairdressing scissor holster is the ultimate solution to your problems. A scissor holster helps carry scissors, combs, and other haircutting tools.

It is a small bag with a belt. And, you can put it on your waist. It keeps your tools safe when they are not in use and stops you from misplacing them.

Why should you buy a scissor holster?

Being a hairdresser, you know how stressful your profession is. Moreover, not finding the right tool in place add more stress to your work. So, you want a perfect solution that eases your work. 

Scissor holsters for barber and hairdressers helps them keep their essential tools safe and close to their hand.

Sometimes a haircut requires using different types of scissors and combs to achieve that flawless style you desire. Hence, s scissor holster makes you quickly access the tools. When you have the right tools by your side, you can work efficiently.

Benefits of using a scissor holster

  1. In a standard scissor holster, you can find six scissor pockets. Also, there is another pocket for holding hair clips, combs, and other accessories. A scissor holster helps hairdressers keep all the essential tools close at hand. As such, they do not have to search the drawers or call anyone for help.
  2. Haircutting scissors and shears are expensive. And, it would be best if you took good care of them so that they can deliver the best results. A scissor holster protects your tools against damages. 
  3. Scissor holsters have a detachable belt. And it helps the holster to attach around your waist. Hairdressers have to work while standing. So, they can get their tools with ease. In this way, they do not feel tensed and work with pleasure.
  4. The Scissor holster emphasizes more on functionality rather than design. They are compact and save space. Moreover, you can carry five or more scissors along with other haircutting tools. 

Different types of hair scissor holsters, pouches, and cases

The haircutting scissors and tools used by hairstylists and barbers are expensive. So, they have to take good care of them.

As a result, they last for a very long time. In short, every hairdresser and barber knows how important it is to keep their scissors in good condition.

Therefore, they need to invest in a good holster or pouch. But what is the best material that would keep their tools safe and shiny? What are the things they should consider while buying?

For beginners, the best holsters and pouches should have buttons on them. That way, it secures the scissors while holding them.

The most common reason for broken scissors is that they can be physically damaged. You cannot juggle between three scissors while performing a haircut. And one of them might fall and break.

Similarly, it is easier for scissors to slip and break from a holster without a button. On the other hand, material plays an important role when choosing a scissor pouch or holster.

In general, you can find every holster for hairstylists and barbers is made from three materials. This includes leather, fabric, and plastic leather (often called ‘Pleather’).

Apart from the material, each holster serves one purpose: to protect your tools of the three materials, holsters and pouches made of leather last for a long time. Moreover, they are perfect for protecting your scissors, combs, and other accessories.

Where to buy scissor pouches and holster

You can get a variety of original leather scissor pouches and holsters to choose from at Japan Scissors.

These are designed so that they can meet the needs of hairdressers and barbers. Holsters can hold 2 to 8 scissors. So, you are going to find one that suits your style and needs.

Holsters have different compartments for holding scissors, combs, clips, and other accessories. The straps on the holster let you adjust its size to fit your waist. 

Top 5 scissor holsters for hairstylists and barbers

We have listed the top 5 scissor holsters for you to buy from Japan Scissors. However, you can visit our holster collection if you need to look at the complete catalogue of holsters. 

1. Brown Leather Scissor Holster

 Premium leather brown holster for hair shears

You can wear this beautiful and stylish brown color leather holster over your shoulder or waist. It is hand-stitched with high-quality cowhide leather. And, the durable cotton lining protects your scissors.

Also, it has four pockets to hold your scissors. Moreover, the soft belt helps you to fit all waist sizes.

Browse the Brown Leather Scissor Holster Here!

2. Leather Scissor Holster

 The best selling leather holster for hairdressers in Australia

This unique orange leather scissor holster has five sleeves that can hold your scissors. Hand-stitched with cowhide leather, it provides durability and gives complete protection to your haircutting tools.

Moreover, the compartments are lined with cotton to maintain the shiny look of the scissors. Also, it comes with an adjustable belt to fit all types of waists. 

Browse more of the premium leather holster for hairdressers and barbers here!

3. Brown Leather Scissor Holster

 The premium brown leather scissor holster for hairdressers and barbers

If you have a taste for something traditional, this scissor holster should be your ultimate choice. This brown leather traditional scissor holster is made from high-quality cowhide leather.

Also, it features a cotton lining that provides durability and protection to your haircutting tools. Moreover, you can wear it on your shoulder or waist. 

 Browse more of this beautiful authentic leather holster for hair scissors here!

4. Orange and Black Leather Scissor Holster

 Premium orange and brown leather scissor holster

The combination of orange and black color in this scissor holster is sure to take your breath away. It features cowhide leather and cotton lining for protecting your scissors.

It has five compartments to hold your tools. And, you can wear it both on your waist and shoulder. Furthermore, the soft belt keeps the holster firm on your waistline. 

Browse more of the orange leather hairdressing scissor holster here!

5. Forest Green Leather Scissor Holster

 The popular green leather holster for hair scissors and barber shears

Another great scissor holster is featuring a forest green color. And, it looks mesmerizing and alluring. It has nine cotton-lined compartments to take care of your scissors.

With lots of pockets, you can access your tools with ease. Also, the combination of a green color holster and metal scissors is something you cannot miss. 

Browse the popular Japanese green authentic leather holster for scissors here!

Conclusion: what are the best hairdressing scissor holsters?

Experience the best hairdressing scissor pouches and holsters at Japan Scissors.

How do you choose the right pouch or holster for you? Well, it all starts with quality and ends in size.

Most pouches take 2 pairs of hairdressing scissors, but you can find them carrying up to 8.

Holsters can carry between 1 and 8 hair scissors at any given time.

When looking for the right scissor pouch and holster, make sure to get high quality materials.

Pouches typically come in:

  • Leather
  • Pleather (fake leather)
  • Suede 
  • Plastic 
  • Fabric 

The leather pouches generally cost $100+ while the pleather or plastic scissor pouches cost $20-40.

For scissor holsters, choosing a high quality leather product is critical as they hold your expensive scissors.

It's no joke when the strap breaks and the scissors hit the floor, so make sure to choose a high quality leather holster.

Australia has high quality leather at reasonable prices. Japan Scissors imports from Japan. Hand crafted holsters and pouches.

Browse through our list of imported high quality Japanese pouches and holsters. 

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  • I can understand why people who cut hair professionally would want to get scissor holsters. I’ve seen how much hair-cutting scissors cost and you don’t want to have to buy new ones because you were careless with them. Losing a good set of hair-cutting scissors wouldn’t just set you back some bucks, it could sideline you as you wait to get a replacement set. I doubt if scissors are interchangeable. For example, if you lost your regular hair-cutting scissors, you couldn’t use texturizing scissors in their place.


    J.J. Anderson

  • There are a number of gorgeous scissor holsters here. I noticed my hairstylist has a beautiful looking leather one. She doesn’t have as many hair cutting scissors in it as some of the holsters in these pictures. I know there are many different types of scissors but some of these are packed with them.


    Riley Harris

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