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Will My Hair Grow Back After Using Thinning Scissors?

Does hair grow back after you use thinning scissors? A simple Google search indicates tens of thousands of people asking the very same question. Using thinning scissors is not that different from styling your hair. It doesn’t affect the number of hairs you have on your head or how thick they will be. It doesn’t depend on it. Your hair grows back anew in less time.

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Facts you need to know about your hair:

The answer to the question in the article is not as simple as you would think it to be. Here are a few facts that you need to know:

Thinning scissors does allow hair growth.

Although throwing scissors can help grow the hair, it will not be in the former state they were initially in. They won’t grow back to the thickness they had before, usually. It all depends on the technique the barber has used, how they have styled your hair, and how thin they are keeping the strands. 

It really depends on how you use hair thinning scissors. If you know what you are doing, then you will not cause permanent damage or hair loss when using hair thinning shears or texturizing scissors.

Most barbers use razors.

Most barbers use a razor to thin out the hair and then style it. This is indeed an effective method, especially if you want your hair to be thin and proper.

  • Do note that the razor you are using should be adequately maintained and sharpened.
  • If it’s not, it might mess up your hair; the hairs might have split ends, which means an extreme irreversible condition where it might just fall off your head.

Using external products

If nothing else is working, you can use products to grow your hair back to the state they were initially in. 

  • Some pills are designed with hair growth in mind.
  • If you find them suspicious, you can consume basic vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth.  
  • Good conditioner and good shampoo products also help bring nourishment back to the hair. 
  • Use with extreme care, especially when the hairs are wet, though. 

Wet hairs are prone to wither out sooner. Remember that once you have thinned your hairs, you have made them vulnerable to sunlight and other elements, the wind, the cold, the rain. 

If there are no hairs to protect the scalp, it might dry off, or the roots might get damaged, leading to baldness or slow hair growth. Also, remember to use proper heat protection if you’re using any heat to flat, curl or dry your hairs.

How long until my hair grows back after using thinning shears?

Thinning out hairs too often will be disastrous to your hair. It can cause problems with your hair growth. The hairs might start falling off, or they might grow unhealthily. It’s not healthy at all for your hair to get cut at regular intervals. 

They start dying off, and you will soon get thin hairs. Human hair grows at a rate of half-inch a month on average, but if you thin them too much, the process may inevitably slow down considerably or even stop. 

Final Thoughts:

We hope this article has helped you figure out whether hair will grow back after using thinning scissors. If you have any further questions, do let us know in the comment section. Read more about hair thinning scissors here!


  • This is why I always say no from the get go. Yes, it might look more flowy, but I have natural wavy hair, color-free that I plan to keep it so for as long as I can aka until white strands of hair come knocking on. I actually like the extra volume I get, a good Farah Fawcett wannabe.



  • Thinning scissors are meant to take out the extra bulk from your hair thus allowing it to have flow and movement. Naturally, if you cut willy nilly you will get a mauled haircut. Still, this is not a recommended procedure for all hair types, all lengths, etc, you have to take a whole set of factors in consideration before actually going for it.



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