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The Importance of Scissor Maintenance

Even as a seasoned professional in the hair salon industry, there is a level of care that must be prioritized if you want to keep your tools fresh and save money in the long run. While your favorite cutting scissors are top-notch in quality, they won’t be for long if you don’t develop a routine to keep them that way. If you want to continue being the best and create gorgeous hairstyles that will transform your clients each time, you need to take care of your cutting tools. Despite what you may think, it takes a lot more than a simple dust off to keep your scissors in prime condition. 

Remove Buildup on Hair Scissor Blades

A ton of buildup on the blades can later lead to bigger problems for your favorite pair of cutting scissors. Proper cleaning is required to get the most out of each cut, and it’s an important step not to miss. Combining old hair, dust, chemicals, and product residue will create damage to your scissors with no point of return. When you’ve completed a cut, wipe your scissors down with a clean, soft cloth to reduce the chances of build-up or corrosion. If you get into the habit of doing this now, you should have no problems keeping your favorite tools sharp and ready for the next client. 

Keeping your Haircutting Scissors Sharp

One crucial maintenance routine that has the ability to completely change the way you style is routine sharpening. Depending on how often you use a set of scissors, you need to keep an eye on the sharpness and if it may be time to have them serviced. Typically, a pair of scissors should be serviced every 6 to 18 months, depending on how frequently they are used. However, when you’re cutting a client’s hair and notice a delay, fold of the hair, or inconsistency, it’s a sign your scissors need a boost right away. 

Precision Instrument

Hairstylists depend on their tools to help them achieve glorious results each time. It’s imperative that all cutting shears and scissors are performing to the highest level and have no issues upon use. Setting up a maintenance routine is the best solution if you want to prolong the life of the professional tools you spend your hard-earned money on. Let your talents shine with techniques that impress and scissors that are in pristine condition.


  • I browsed some of the different pages with scissors and didn’t realize how much a hairdresser pays for their hair-cutting scissors and the other tools of the trade. Knowing how much money is spent, it’s understandable why they have to be maintained. It would be frustrating to pay so much and then not maintain them. However, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard of someone buying expensive and necessary tools only to do a poor job maintaining them. It’s the same with a car. People buy a car then don’t spend time or money maintaining it. So foolish to treat your tools this way.


    Angel Jenkins

  • Is it okay to use olive oil on scissors? I am asking because this is something I was told years ago in beauty school and since then, a lot of people don’t recommend it. I was taught to use the oil to clean and keep the scissors sharp and you can use this on razor blades as well but I am not sure about it now. The idea is that the oil is meant to keep the blades smooth, sharp, and clean. You use a cloth with some olive oil and wipe them down with it after washing them with cool water and soap. Is this a good idea or no?


    Lisa Rhodes

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