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How Much Does It Cost To Have Scissors Sharpened? Sharpening Prices

Scissors get dull. Fast. Sharpening them professionally could cost quite a bit also. Instead of spending money on an hour-long sharpening session or an entirely new shears I decided to find out the exact method of sharpening scissors at home. I conducted a bit of investigation, and here's the information I learned.

You can send all of your sharpeners (and knives, axes and so on.) into a sharpening service.

Professional scissor sharpening services prolong the life of your hair shear blades. 

No sharpening service can bring your scissors back to its original sharpness, but a professional sharpener can ensure that your blade is protected so it will be sharp enough to cut in a salon or barbershop.

The price you pay to have your scissors sharpened includes:

  • Sharpening your blade
  • Protecting the integrity of your scissor blade
  • Ensuring the screws and tension is properly set
  • Spotting chips and damage to the blade

If you buy an expensive pair of hair cutting, thinning or texturizing shears, then you will need professional sharpening service to ensure that your blade stays sharp for many years to come. 

Avoid sharpening these yourself, as one mistake can cause permanent damage to your blade.

So let's jump right into the big question of "how much does it cost to sharpen my hair scissors?"

Here are some of the prices of professional hairdressing scissor sharpening services:

  • Mail/Post Sharpening Services Range Between $10-30 (not including postage)
  • Japanese Scissor Sharpening $15-30
  • Bevel and German Blade Sharpening $10-20
  • Thinning & Texturizing Scissor Sharpening $10-20
  • General Professional Hair Scissor Sharpening $10-15

Every barber and stylist wants sharp scissors. Cutting hair using anything else results in frustration. The hair is bent, folded and pulled away from the edge of the cutting blade. This is not just annoying and time-consuming to the hairstylist but could cause the client to have split ends and cut that isn't perfect.

The life expectancy of scissors is also dependent on the style of the user. Some stylists might feel that the scissors are acceptable to use, but others feel they're dull. If you've got buttery fingers and lose your scissors, arranging that they be sharpened prior to use again is imperative. Professional scissors can be sharpened approximately ten times before needing replacement.

Sharpening services for hairdressers We want to ensure that you get the maximum lifespan from the top-quality scissors or shears purchased from us. We're also eager to share some advice on how to keep them razor-sharp.

A bladesmith is an individual who sharpens professional-grade blades and scissors. Talk to a friend if you don't know a reputable sharpener/bladesmith. Then keep their contact number. If you're an entrepreneur or a hairdresser, the service they provide is worth the price of gold.

How often will you require their services, you may think?
Your scissors will need to be sharpened at least every three months. If you spend most of the time cutting hair (instead of doing colour treatments, etc.), you're likely to be nearer than the three-month mark, but the scissors you don't use as frequently might last 12 months without sharpening.

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