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Complete Guide To Hairdressing Scissors

As a professional, hairdressing scissors will be used on your clients to cut thim and dense hair. Hairdressing and thinning scissors are mainly used in Salons and Hairdresser studios. Thinning scissors are useful for longer and thicker hair, which is common women but not for men. The best way to help your client is by being thoroughly informed about Hair Thinning Scissors.

Are you looking to learn more about hairdressing scissors? Our barber specialist Jonah, and salon hairstylist Samantha, have helped us put together this article on everything hair scissors!


Hair scissors come in many different types, and with just as many handles and blades, but what makes each one different?

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    What are hairdressing scissors?

    Hairdressing scissors are one of the main tools for hairdressers and hair salons, besides being one of the most important tools for them they are also an emblematic object, this is because it is a necessary one to be able to carry out hair cuts with greater efficiency and precision.

    Hairdressing scissors usually have ergonomic shapes that are to facilitate the hairdresser's work and prevent him from taking positions that are uncomfortable for him or that cause lumbago or tendinitis in his wrist.

     Hairdressing shears and thinning scissors

    Different types of hairdressing scissors

    Not all hairdressing scissors are the same, there is a wide variety according to the use for which they are designed, the materials with which they are made, among other factors.

    The different types of hairdressing scissors include:

     Scissor Types Use & Benefits
    Short Blade Hair Scissors Popular for most hairdressing techniques and precision haircutting.
    Long Blade Hair Scissors Popular for most barbering techniques including over the comb.
    Texturizing Thinning Scissors  The most common thinning scissors that usually includes thirty to fourty teeth. Things most hair evenly with a 40% to 50% cutaway. 
    Wide Tooth Chomping Thinning Scissors  Great for thick hair. The comping thinning scissors has between sixteen and twenty teeth. For thick and curly hair, these have a 15% to 25% cutaway. 
    Offset Handle Hair Scissors  The most popular ergonomic scissors available. They relax your hand, wrist and elbow. Reducing fatigue and RSI while cutting.
    Crane Handle Hair Scissors  The best ergonomic design for people with RSI or cutting for long periods without resting. 
    Opposing Handle Hair Scissors These are the traditional classic handle designs with no ergonomics. 
    Swivel Handle Hair Scissors  These are unique handles that rotate and swivel while cutting hair. Perfect for people with RSI and other strain injuries. 
    Colour Coated Hair Scissors  Hairdressing scissor colour types include pink, rose gold, rainbow, matte black, blue and various other designs.


    Depending on the function that each hairdressing scissors have, there are scissors for cutting, thinning or sculpting, and even for creating special effects, as there are scissors for many other functions.

    It is important to mention that the hairdressing scissors that are of high quality are manufactured with high technology steels and various types of coatings and/or alloys, such as those consisting of carbon, cobalt or titanium, these materials are used to achieve that the hairdressing scissors have more time of duration. Some of these hairdressing scissors reach prices that are too high.

    However, you can also find hairdressing scissors that are lower priced like chrome steel scissors, but these scissors are of inferior quality.

    The types of finish possessed by hairdressing scissors only modify the appearance or appearance of the scissors, but their functions are not modified or altered in any way.


    Types of hairdressing scissors blade edges

    The different types of hairdressing scissors

    Among the wide variety of types of hairdressing scissors that exist, we can mention:

    Tilting scissors:

    The ergonomics of this type of scissors allows you to perform excellent haircuts with more freedom and without having to make too much effort.

    The secret of the tilting scissors is in its rotating system since it allows you to adapt the thumb to the thimble for a more natural cut. Besides, the thumb can be rotated from one to two thimbles for better results.

    Curved-blade scissors:

    The curved blade hairdressing scissors have been created to prevent the hair from slipping; these scissors compensate for the deviation that can occur during cutting, ensuring straight lines.

    This is a type of scissors that turns out to be perfect for people who do not have experience in cutting hair, offering them positive results, besides that it can be very helpful for practice because when you do not have experience in cutting hair the scissors tend to slip which can cause a bad cut.

    Serrated scissors:

    Serrated hairdressing scissors are made up of a handle that is shaped like a loop. The loop shape being very ergonomic allows haircuts to be performed more efficiently and achieves better comfort for the stylist when performing a hair.

    Professionals obtain exact results and achieve absolute control of these scissors.

    With the toothed scissors, cuts with professional characteristics can be achieved with very textured effects; besides, they allow the hairdresser or stylist to use the scissors in one hand and hold the hair with the other.


    What are hair thinning scissors?

    Hairdressing thinning scissor teeth

    Thinning scissors are also known as "texturing scissors" and even as "polishing scissors"; they are a type of scissors that have been created to be used by both right-handed and left-handed people.

    Thinning shears, instead of having two smooth blades for cutting, have separate teeth on one of the blades to only remove a few hairs in each cut. These scissors are used to remove volume from the hair without affecting the style.

    Their primary function is based on cutting sections of hair that have enough volume compared to the rest of the hair.

    The hairdressing thinning scissors have a handle that is identical to any other type of scissors, what makes them different from the other types is that one of the blades has a straight edge while the other is serrated.

    Thinning shears are subdivided into categories:

    • 8-tooth thinning scissors: In the 8 teeth thinning scissors, each space between each tooth is 1/8", they have the as primary function to create an oblique effect, this is because they only remove a minimum amount of hair.

    • 16 tooth thinning scissors: The space between each of the teeth of this type of scissors is 1/6", and they are used for the removal of moderate amounts of hair within each cut.

    • 32 serrated tooth scissors: The space inside each tooth is 1/32", these scissors are designed specifically for the removal of large amounts of hair. However, they are also used to achieve intense thinning when removing large amounts of hair.


    The different quality and prices of hairdressing scissors

    The hairdressing cutting scissors are those that have two blades to make very fine cuts, also have holes for the index finger and thumb at the end, these are created so that they can be used by both right-handed and left-handed.

    Cutting scissors can be found in different sizes since their length varies according to the cut you want to make. Besides, some scissors of this type have a curved handle which provides a more natural grip.

    The length of the blades is between 4.5 and 7 inches.

    Ergonomic Hair (Duraluminium) scissors:

    They are a type of hairdressing scissors created to avoid pain and fatigue that occurs in the hand due to prolonged use of scissors, due to this type of scissors are lighter because they consist of anodised aluminium thimbles.

    Hair Cutting (Sculpting) scissors:

    These are hairdressing scissors that generally have a blade with a cutting edge and a serrated blade; they allow the emptying of the hair and also serve to give and take away volume.

    The volume removal capacity of these scissors ranges from 10% to 70% (the normal is between 30% and 40%).

    Sculpting scissors are divided into three types:

    • Straight teeth.
    • Curved teeth.
    • V-shaped teeth.

    Apprentice hairdressing (Academy) scissors:

    Academy scissors are adapted for the learning and practice of stylists and hairdressers. They usually have a stainless steel body and a nylon handle, also with micro-serrated blades.

    Difference between scissors for left-handed and scissors for right-handed hairdressers:

    Scissors that are for left-handed people have similar cutting conditions as those that a right-handed person may have.

    The blades of left-handed scissors are positioned so that, no matter how the scissors are grasped, the left blade is always on top, while in right-handed scissors the right blade is always on top.

    However, right-handed scissors can also be used by left-handed people, but they would have to press simultaneously with the ring finger and thumb in an unnatural way and also apply pressure on the blades in the opposite way to the right-handed person, without considering that most scissors are ergonomically designed for the right hand which can cause more fatigue due to prolonged use.

     Hairdressing cutting and thinning scissors

    What are scissor handle ergonomics?

    Many things can happen when you are stylish, and among the most worrying is wrist pain. This is something that many tend to neglect or ignore, which in the worst case can lead to a disabling injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Due to the repetitive movements of the elbow, shoulder and especially wrist for this reason when choosing scissors beyond focusing on its design and functionality we must take into account its ergonomics, The ergonomic scissors are designed to produce the least amount of stress on the back, shoulder, arm, and hand when the stylist is cutting.

    Ergonomic scissors help reduce pain in the back, shoulder, hand, and elbow. In addition to helping prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis or bursitis.

     Hair cutting scissor handles

    Among the different designs of ergonomic scissors, we can mention:

    1. Straight or opposite handle: Also known as the classic handle, it is the oldest and most expensive handle design which is mostly used by those stylists who cut hair with their middle finger and thumb

    2. Offset Handle: One of the most popular designs on the market, this handle design unlike the others reduces over-extension and excess movement of the thumb in addition to creating a more open hand

    3. Crane Handle: A handle design that minimises the risk of hand and shoulder injuries, and allows for freer blood flow

    4. Rotary Push: This handle is by far the most ergonomic of the handle designs because it provides better comfort and also reduces the stress caused by cutting. When using this handle, your hand will always be in a completely neutral position, no matter what angle you are cutting.


    It gives the hairdresser or stylist total control of the hairstyle technique without stressing or fatiguing the hand.

    So for a stylist or hairdresser who makes use of his or her ring finger, a shear that is rotary, crane or twist would possibly be a better and more comfortable option than choosing an opposite design.

    It should be considered that the handle matches the way the scissors are held, the type of performance required should be taken into account, and the shears with a handle configuration that can best meet that need should be observed.

    This can be very helpful in choosing a scissor that is more suitable and will reduce the risk of any damage that may be caused by repetitive movements.


    The history of hairdressing scissors

    The history of hairdressing

    Scissors are sophisticated cutting and precision instruments that have been used for thousands of years.

    In ancient Egypt, instruments similar to scissors were used, but it was not until the time of Roman splendour that the modern asymmetrical blade format was conceived.

    The origin of the scissors is somewhat difficult to pinpoint. Scissors are a utensil as well as ancient tools already known and used in the Bronze Age, but they cannot be spoken of before the year 1000 B.C.

    In the Bronze Age, scissors were created in the shape of a C and included a spring, they were scissors made of iron and were used to cut hair and skins, they were even used to shear sheep with the aim of obtaining wool in the shape of fleece for the first time.

    The Romans and Greeks were the manufacturers of these scissors, and the ones that have been preserved from them show a wide variety of uses, such as cutting hair, shearing animals, cutting fabrics.

    Most of the scissors of that time were made of iron or bronze. The scissors made of bronze were small scissors in the city of Elche, Alicante in Spain. There are several specimens found in Leon, Spain.

    The "C" shape of the old scissors remained in the Middle Ages, until the 14th century when the scissors that are now known were invented, which have a pin between the two blades or arms.

    In 1418, steel scissors had already been invented, but they were not yet used as domestic utensils and were far from being so. They were rather known as small luxury utensils; they were almost like small luxury jewels since they had mother-of-pearl inlays and were full of stones, besides, they were kept in very fine cases, along with other precious tools that were destined for the dressing table of the great ladies of the time.

    In the 16th and 17th centuries, Spanish barrette scissors were in fashion in Europe; they had quite long blades with well-carved eyes and ropes. In Seville, on the other hand, they had a monopoly on all the scissors that were sent to America.

    In the 17th century, the use of scissors was widespread, and steel started to be used for their creation. At this time, the fame of the English city of Sheffield was quite great and it managed to dictate fashion until the end of the 19th century when mechanisation in the creation process simplified the styles and forms of their manufacture, and thus the scissors became similar to those of today.


    How to choose the right size of hairdressing scissors

    Using hairdressing scissors

    Hairdressing scissors in Australia are usually 4.5 to 6.5 inches.

    Many stylists opt for a long pair of scissors, while others prefer a short pair of scissors, and this is because the size of the scissors depends mainly on the type of cut they want to make, but if you want to get the ideal size for your scissors we must bear in mind that we have to check that our scissors are in accordance with the size of our hands, so we can avoid fatigue and pain in the long term.

    Always remember that the scissors have to fit your hand, not your hand to the scissors. If you do not know the size of your hands you can find your ideal size this way; you should place a pair of scissors in the palm of your hand with the tip of the blade on the last section of your middle finger and placing the finger holes at the base of your thumb.


    Difference between barber's scissors and salon scissors

    The only specific difference would be the inches between the bib scissors and the salon scissors.

    Barber scissors are usually a little longer and heavier than salon scissors. They are often 7". These types of scissors are designed in this way to achieve greater precision and also to create perfect longitudinal lines. Barber scissors are usually used for the scissor over comb technique.


    The best hairdressing scissors for apprentices and students

    For a beginner hairdresser choosing his first pair of scissors can be a challenging and confusing task as he has to consider a wide variety of factors before making his purchase such as quality, ergonomics, style and above all price. 

    For this reason, in this article, we want to show you the best hairdressing scissors for beginners that will make you get the perfect pair for you.

    Best scissors kit

    There are a variety of scissors kits for hairdressers, but there is one that stands out from the rest, and you can't miss it, and that is the Jaguar Jay 2 Apprentice Kit. This kit at an affordable price offers you all the types of hairdressing scissors you may need; it contains a 6-inch cutter made for unexpected cuts and hairstyling with scissors; besides, this kit has a 5.5-inch cutter perfect for combing and cutting women's hair with incredible precision.


    Cutting scissors

    If you are looking for a durable, faithful and professional hairdressing scissors, you are looking for the Yasaka Offset scissors. These professional scissors are perfect for beginner stylists and due to its smooth finish and high-quality materials make it a beautiful hairdressing tool.

    You can choose between its 5.5 or 6-inch blade options which are very useful for performing the vast majority of haircutting techniques such as plumage, texture and spot cutting. These hairdressing scissors are made of Japanese steel which is one of the best steels in the world when it comes to hairdressing scissors.


    Thinning scissors

    Every hairdresser should have a good pair of fine scissors to add texture and thin the hair of their customers and for an apprentice can be very helpful because it offers better control of the hair not to cut too much, for this type of scissors we can mention the Juntetsu Offset Thinner scissors because it has 27 teeth and a handle that provides extra comfort, is a prime texturing scissors for beginners, in addition to offering a very precious control.


    The best professional scissors

    Every stylist must have proper tools to help them make spectacular and precise cuts and hairstyles in a very effective way. Among the tools used in a hairdresser's, there is no doubt that scissors are the protagonists and that is why today we present you the best professional scissors:


    Jaguar Pre Style hairdressing scissors:

    Jaguar Pre Style Ergo hairdressing scissors

    These scissors have been handmade with a high level of carbon steel, which guarantees that if you buy them, you will have good hairdressing scissors for a long time. They are presented in a professional hairdressing case, which includes two scissors and a very good quality brush. The scissors stand out from the others because of their colourful and striking designs. Besides being of very good quality, they are made of stainless steel, except for the handle which is made of zinc. With these scissors you can thin and cut without any problems, whether you use it at the level of hairdressing or personal level, given its excellent quality you can always get the most out of it.

    Find out more about Jaguar hairdressing scissors in Australia here!

    Japanese Yasaka hairdressing scissors kit:

    Japanese scissors always promise to be one of the best options when it comes to professional hairdressing scissors if you like this type of hairdressing scissors. If you are interested in getting one, this kit is not going to love.

    This is a model that is becoming very popular among the community and is growing in sales, which, not only is due to its design that is nice and modern, but also for its very affordable price.

    The secret to the success of these hairdressing scissors beyond their design is their incredible quality. These hairdressing scissors have a transparent stainless silencer so you can get cuts without the classic noise of traditional scissors. The scissors are also very ergonomic so that your fingers do not suffer from repeated use. Besides, if you cut hair with these scissors you will immediately notice their extraordinarily smooth and professional cuts.

    It should be noted that they also have an adjustable ring to the fingers for greater comfort and finally, we can point out that these hairdressing scissors are made with high-quality stainless steel and have a double weld ensuring durability and strength of them.

    Browse Yasaka Scissors here!


    Ichiro hairdressing scissors kit:

    Ichiro offset hairdressing scissors

    This scissors kit includes a comb, a beautiful pouch box, where you can easily store all your tools and above all 2 top quality scissors.

    This hairdressing scissors kit is beautiful, not only because of the look of the scissors but also because of its very nice case and of excellent quality. These scissors are one of the most sold, which makes them an excellent value for money option that attracts the attention of many.

    In this option, we can find the hairdressing scissors with a size of 6 inches.

    These scissors are handmade. As the main material of their elaboration, we can mention that they use Japanese steel. This material ensures that they are in optimal conditions for a long time and that they will be very durable.

    The hairdressing scissors in this fantastic kit come extremely sharp, so you can make sure that the scissors do not damage your hair at any time and also make your cuts much cleaner. These hairdressing scissors offer a completely professional cut, without any effort and in a swift and effective way.


    What is the best screw system?

    Hairdressing scissor screws

    Hairdressing scissors with an adjustable screw are preferred by many people, as they allow them to turn the small screw by hand so that they can quickly tighten or loosen the screw for better results in their cuts.

    Among the types of screw systems that exist, we can mention:

    Normal or flat:

    This type of screw generally allows you to adjust the tension of the scissors perfectly by using a screwdriver.

    Adjustable screw:

    This type of screw has become the preferred way for people to adjust the blades in a very efficient way and without using a screwdriver.


    How often should I sharpen the blades of my hairdressing scissors?

    Sharpening blades

    How often you should sharpen the blades of your barber scissors can vary depending on several factors such as how much you use your scissors, how you care for them, the types of cuts you usually make with them and the type of blade your barber scissors use.

    Typically most people check their scissors at least once a year, although if the quality of the blade is not very good, the best thing to do would be to check your scissors every six months to keep them sharp.

    You must have a lot when sharpening your scissors as this process requires specialised skills and equipment and many sharpening kits do not include any if you sharpen your scissors incorrectly you could end up with very different scissors to its original state worsening its edge instead of improving it.


    Tips to keep your scissors in good condition

    If you want to extend the life of your scissors regardless of the materials or quality. Maintaining your hairdressing scissors is what makes your hair tools last for tens of years. You can apply the following tips to ensure a more useful time for your hairdressing scissors:


    - You can perform a lubrication every three days to improve their performance significantly and quickly

    - Even if your scissors are made of the best materials, it is always advisable to take the hairdressing scissors from the handle so that sweat from your hands does not affect the blades of the scissors

    - Avoid cutting other materials with hairdressing scissors as this could dull the blades

    - For perfect alignment, you should support your hairdressing scissors

    - Clean it constantly. Most hairdressing scissors come with a brush that you can use to clean your scissors

    - It is essential to use the case that includes your scissors at the time of purchase. These cases are important because they protect your hairdressing scissors from damage.


    This article was researched and referenced from the best sources:


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