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Is It Rude Not To Talk To Your Hairdresser?


After walking into a salon, you will be asked to sit down on the chair, and your hairdresser will start working on your hair. This is where you will wonder whether it is a good idea to have a small chat with your hairdresser or not. Some people assume that they would sound rude if they don’t speak to the hairdresser. 

Should you have a chat with your hairdresser? 

There is no straightforward answer to this question. It depends on your personal preferences. Small talk is one of the best methods available out there for anyone to pass the time. However, some people might notice it as awkward. Therefore, you should decide whether you will have small talk with the hairdresser or not based on your preferences. In the meantime, it is worthy of having a basic understanding of what the hairdressers think about small talk. Then you will be able to look at a small talk from their perspective and arrive at a decision.

What do hairdressers think about small talk? 

Some of the hairdressers prefer small talk, whereas others do not. For example, hairdressers who don’t want to chat with a taxi driver when going somewhere would not be interested in having conversations with the clients who come to obtain the services. They think about it as something awkward.

People visit salons mainly for relaxation purposes. When you visit a salon for relaxation, you never expect to be disturbed by the continuous chattering of a hairdresser with another client while standing next to you. This will kill the perfect atmosphere that you have to relax. The hairdressers are aware of this fact. Hence, they will appreciate you for keeping silent. 

When you get into a chat with a hairdresser, he will not be able to keep silent. But when you don’t even speak a single word with the hairdresser, he will never assume that you are rude. That’s because the hairdressers are concerned heavily about customer satisfaction. The hairdressers know how to understand the personal preferences of customers who walk in. Hence, they prefer to keep the customers comfortable while offering them the services they wish to receive at the end of the day. 

Experienced hairdressers have a strong understanding of their customers. Therefore, you will often be able to see how those hairdressers respect the clients' personal space. These hairdressers are capable of understanding what a client is up to with body language. 

However, the hairdressers are concerned about the environment as well. They don’t want other customers to be disturbed by chatting. Hence, a person who continuously asks questions from a hairdresser will be asked to sit back and relax politely. The hairdressers make this request mainly to protect the perfect ambience within the salon and provide top-notch service to all the customers who walk in.

The next time you walk into a hairdresser, you can be silent and mind your own business. If you have any questions, you can obviously ask the hairdresser. However, it is better if you can refrain from getting into unwanted conversations. By doing this, your hairdresser will never assume that you are rude or being arrogant. 

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