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Will A Barber or Hairdresser Cut Hair With Lice, Nits, Or Dandruff?

In case you are having a pair of nits or lice in your head or in the scalp of someone else in your family, your first and foremost inclination would be to rush into your nearest hairstylist or barber’s shop.

After all, they have been dealing with hairs for so long and it won’t be anything new for them, right? Wrong. No matter if it is a quick hair salon or a barbers shop where walk-ins are always welcome, you must always think twice before going especially for nits or lice removal.

While most of the barbers or hairstylists are trained and qualified to identify lice and eggs of nits, they aren’t allowed to invite you for a free head check. For them, it is a code of health violation to do this.

Can Barbers Actually Help In Removing Lice?

In case you are allowed to schedule an appointment with your local barbershop just for the purpose of lice treatment, they would be taking all sorts of precautions to ensure that you don’t pass these lice or nits to any of their other customers. However, in most cases, this isn’t actually possible.

The each state's health department has inducted very strict rules for the barbers and hairstylists that they must abide by all the regulations or they take the risk of losing their license. While you might be confident about your hairstylist in treating your head lice or nits, but going to a barbershop or a salon for the head lice treatment isn’t actually an option.

How To Remove Lice At Home Before Going To A Barbershop?

As the first line of defense, changing your overall lifestyle and few other home remedies are the best way to fight against lice, nits, and dandruff. In order to remove lice, you won't be needing any pest control.

Several trusted sources tell that there isn’t any need to fumigate the entire house in order to treat lice. Having head lice has no connection with the environment or cleanliness. They aren’t something that comes from your pets or outdoor. Here are a few steps that you can follow to remove lice before getting a hair treatment from a barbershop.

Try To Use A Delousing Shampoo

Lice treatments make use of mild pesticides that are usually safe to be used on the scalp. However, since these delousing shampoos are toxic in nature therefore proper consultation from doctors is a must requirement.

Repeating The Process

Most of these head lice removal treatments needs to be repeated every few days after the first application. Apart from that make sure you check your scalp every twelve hours.

Head lice should be dead after using the delousing shampoo and it shouldn’t be actively moving on the scalp. However, if you find the lice to be active, never hesitate to take medical consultations. There might be other treatments necessary especially if the lice are resistant.

Remember lice, nits or dandruff can be dangerous and it can be the sole reason for hair fall. Taking proper care of your hair is very much necessary in such cases. In case you want to know more about such topics, don’t forget to visit our website. 

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