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What Hairstyles Suit My Face: Flattering Facial Shapes For Women

The most common question asked to hairstylists and hairdressers is “what hairstyle suits the shape of my face?”

It’s a simple one, but with so many pretty hairstyles, people forget that it looks good because of that person’s face. Not all hairstyles are “one size fits all”, so in this article, we are going to talk about ‘our face shapes’ and ‘what hairstyles suit our face’.

Pro Tips From A Professional Hairstylist:

  • You will be more satisfied with a hairstyle that suits your face shape than randomly choosing the latest trends.
  • Hairstyles look pretty are typically due to their ability to compliment your natural shape, frame and facial features.
  • Understanding your face shape is the first step to choosing a new hairstyle that will showcase your best parts!

The Different Face Shapes

The different face shapes for hairstyles

You would be surprised how many people don’t know the shape of their face. Ladies with a rounded face might think its square, and an oblong face might think they have a rectangle-shaped face.

The truth is, our biggest critic is ourselves, so we often overlook our basic facial shape and frame.

If you are unsure of your facial shape, then follow the below quick steps to get your answer.

3 Steps To Determine Your Facial Shape

How you can tell what hairstyle suits your face

Before you get started, tie your hair back so you can clearly see your face in the mirror. Grab a measuring tape to get started! We are going to be measuring three main sections of your face that include: the forehead, cheekbones and jaw.

Step 1. Measure Your Face

  • Measure The Width Of Your Jaw: starting underneath your ears at the base of your jaw, measure down to the centre of your chin. Repeat the same process on the other side of your face. Multiply the resulting numbers by two and you have the width of your jaw measured.
  • Measure The Width Of Your Cheekbones: Start at your hairline above your cheekbone and use the measuring tape to measure all the way to the same area on the other side of your face.
  • Measure The Width Of Your Forehead: Measure from the left to the right hairline on your forehead and record the resulting number.
  • Measure The Length Of Your Face: Measure from the top of your forehead at your hairline in the middle, all the way down to the centre of your chin.

Step 2. Check The Shape Of Your Jaw

There are three main types of jaw shapes that people have:

  • Rounded: your jawline with curved and round angle
  • Pointed (pointy): your jawline will be pointed at the middle around your chin
  • Square: your jawline with be more levelled and flat at the bottom.

Step 3. Find Your Facial Shape

Using the above information, let’s now figure out which facial shape belongs to you!

  • Round face shape: the length of your face is very close to the width of your face. Your jawline is more rounded with smaller angles. Your cheekbone width is the same as the length. Your forehead hairline has rounded angles.
  • Square face shape: your cheekbones have little to no angles or curves, and the width of your cheekbones is the almost the same as the width of your jaw and forehead? Your jawline has a squared shape and is there an almost straight line from your forehead to the jaw? The length of your face is roughly the same is its width.
  • Diamond face shape: your face’s length is almost the same as its width. Your cheekbones are wider than your forehead. Your jawline includes a pointy chin.
  • Oval face shape: your face is longer than its width. Your cheekbones is the widest section of your face. Your forehead is smaller than your cheekbones. Your jawline and chin have no pointy angles.
  • Heart face shape: your cheekbones are as wide as the width of your forehead. Your face is longer than it is wide. You have a pointy chin on your jawline, and your forehead is wider than your jawline.
  • Rectangle face shape: Each side of your face is straight; from your forehead down to your jawline. You have a strong jawline with a square shape. Your forehead is around the same width as your jaw. Your face is generally much longer than it is wide.

Hopefully, you found your facial shape from our quick three-step guide on measuring the angles of your face.

If you are still having some difficulty with finding your facial shape, remember, we are all human, and it's not uncommon to have a mixture of shapes. Be open-minded, and find the closest one the fits you. And remember, you can always talk to your hairstylist at the salon to get some advice on your facial shape.

The Best Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes

What hairstyles suit round faces

Now that you know your facial shape let’s look at the best hairstyles for women with a rounded face. These haircuts will compliment your facial features that are best found on round faces.

The Lob Hairstyle for Round Faces

The LOB or Long Bob hairstyle for round faces

The lob, otherwise known as “long bob” is a hairstyle that suits round faces. The length is in the middle of a bob cut and long hair. The lob cut is slightly above should-height.

The Wavy Bob Hairstyle for Round Faces

The wavy longer bob (lob) on round faces

A wavy bob is a women’s haircut, that is similar to a bob, but you will style waves into your hair. You can boost this style with curls as well.

The Waves Shoulder-Length Hairstyle for Round Faces

Wavy shoulder length hair on a round face

A simple medium length hairstyle that sits around your shoulder height. Add waves and curls to the end to really stand out.

The Sleek Hairstyle for Round Faces

Sleep long straight hair on a round face

Sleek hair is popular for round faces, especially for fancy occasions, where you have straight and smooth hair falling down with a flossy finish. Sleek hair looks great on all lengths and really shine for special occasions.

The Pixie Hairstyle for Round Faces

A pixie cut on a round face

Pixie cuts have become really popular recently, and especially so for people with round faces. A pixie cut is a short hairstyle with the sides and back cut short, a longer length on top and a short fringe.

The Additional Hairstyles That Suit Round Faces

  • Short Natural Hairstyle
  • The Pompadour Hairstyle
  • Messy Textured Lob Hairstyle
  • The Red-Carpet Glamour Hairstyle
  • The Blunt Bob Hairstyle
  • The Textured Bob Hairstyle
  • The Long and Wavy or Loose Wavy Hairstyle
  • Natural Curls Hairstyle
  • Curly Updo Hairstyle
  • The Beach Waves Hairstyle
  • The Medium-Length With Subtle Soft Waves Hairstyle
  • The Short Updo or Loose Updo Hairstyle
  • The Half Down and Half Up Hairstyle

The Best Hairstyles for Rectangle Face Shapes

The rectangle face shape that suits short hairstyles

The rectangle shaped face can rock bobs, centre part straight hair or curly and wavy hair. The sky is the limit, and here are some recommendations for the best hairstyles that suit rectangle shaped faces for women.

The Air-Dried Bob Hairstyle for Rectangle Faces

Airy wavy bob for rectangle faces

One of the easiest to style and maintain, the air-dried bob is perfect for rectangle face shapes. You take any bob haircut, and simple air dry it for a perfectly natural look.

The Bob with Bangs Hairstyle for Rectangle Faces

The bob with bangs that suit rectangle shaped faces

The bob hairstyle is one of the most popular for rectangle faces. Bob hairstyles sit above your shoulders and can be sleek, wavy or any variation to satisfy your mood.

The Long with Curls Hairstyle for Rectangle Faces

Long curly hair for a rectangle face shape

The long hair with curls is a simple hairstyle once you grow your hair out past your shoulders. This blends in well and compliments your overall facial features.

The Centre Part Hairstyle for Rectangle Faces

Hairstyle with the centre parted for rectangle faces

The centre part is a classic hairstyle that you can transform into a sleek and elegant style or a messy Sunday afternoon favourite.

The Ballerina Bun Hairstyle for Rectangle Faces

Cute ballerina buns for rectangle shaped faces

The ballerina bun fits perfectly on rectangle faces and is easy to do once you get the hang of it. Prepare the ballerina bun by making a ponytail, twisting and wrapping it into shape. Secure your bun with some hairpins to grip your hair into place.

The Additional Hairstyles That Suit Rectangle Faces

  • Loose Bun Hairstyle
  • Short Choppy Layers Hairstyle
  • Go Natural Hairstyle
  • Teased Roots Hairstyle
  • Updos Hairstyle
  • Blowouts Hairstyle
  • Layers Hairstyle
  • A-Line Hairstyle

The Best Hairstyles for Square Face Shapes

What hairstyles suit a square shaped face

The most popular type of hairstyles for square shaped faces are the lobs (long bobs). The layered and soft lobs compliment the square shaped face perfectly. Pro tip, avoid any sharp or flat designs that will emphasise on your square jawline.

The Wavy Hairstyle for Square Faces

The wavy long bob on a square face shape

The wavy hairstyle is a classic that compliments all your features and is wildly popular for women with a square face.

The Textured Medium Shoulder-Length Hairstyle for Square Faces

Textured and shaped hair on a square face shape

A textured hairstyle is when you create structure to make a natural shape. For square face shapes, having a medium shoulder-length textured hairstyle just means to add a bit of volume to the hair naturally, so it could appear as curls, waves or anything else.

The Long Bob Hairstyle for Square Faces

The straight long bob hairstyle on a square face

The long bob is a classic haircut that has been used to complement and flatter the facial features of a square face for a very long time. A longer bob goes just past your shoulders and allows you to mix and match between messy, sleek and wavy.

The Wavy Shoulder-Length with Bangs Hairstyle for Square Faces

Wavy shoulder length hair

Medium wavy hair is the strong and sexy look for women with a square face. Whether you have brown, black or blonde hair, the wavy look is an attractive and powerful look that compliments your square jawline.

The Additional Hairstyles That Suit Square Faces

  • Mid-Length (with bangs) Hairstyle
  • Long with Curls Hairstyle
  • Pixie Hairstyle
  • Comfortable Updo Hairstyle
  • Medium or Long Textured Layers Hairstyle
  • Long Sleek Hairstyle
  • Medium or Long with Waves Hairstyle

The Best Hairstyles for Oval Face Shapes

The oval shaped face and what hairstyles suit it

Oval shaped faces work well with shorter hairstyles. Some styles aim to hide your longer forehead with bangs, so its not uncommon to see a full fringe or blunt bang style haircut.

The Full Fringe Hairstyle for Oval Faces

Full fringe hairstyle on a oval face shape

The full bangs or fringe hairstyle compliments oval faces and your longer facial length. It gives you the freedom to style the rest of your hair how you like, but the most popular choice is medium to a long length where your hair sits at or below your shoulders.

The Layered Bob Hairstyle for Oval Faces

Layered long bob on an oval face

Layered hair is famous for oval faces as it gives you the volume and length that compliments your facial features. Each layer in the bob hairstyle has a different length that gives you volume and makes your hair easy to style.

The Long With Layers Hairstyle for Oval Faces

The long layered hair on an oval face hairstyle

One of the most popular hairstyles for women with oval faces is the long natural hair with layers. Layered hair is easier to manage, and when added to long hair, it gives a natural volume that becomes a real head-turner.

The Waves Medium Shoulder-Length Hairstyle for Oval Faces

Wavy medium length hair on an oval shaped face

The volume with waves on shoulder-length hair makes it an attractive choice for people with oval-shaped faces.

The Best Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shapes

The diamond shaped face and what hairstyles suit it best

The diamond facial shape for women is the most desirable and suits almost every hairstyle. The most popular and best hairstyles for the diamond shape is the pulled back hair, side swept fringe, long length or a short crop.

The Side Swept Hairstyle for Diamond Faces

Side swept bangs on a diamond shaped ladies face

The side-swept bangs hairstyle is popular for diamond faces as it shows their best features and compliments the shape of your face. You can style up the rest of your hair, but the focus is on the attractive swept front.

The Long Waves Hairstyles That Suit Diamond Faces

Long wavy hair on a diamond shaped face

The classic long waves hairstyle is a popular hairstyle for diamond shaped faces, and other shapes, too. The length of your face is longer than the wide, so your facial features blend well with long hair.

The Long Bob (Lob) Hairstyles That Suit Diamond Faces

The long bob on a diamond shaped face

The long bob is a pretty hairstyle that suits diamond faces due to its length and volume. The diamond face shape is the most desirable, so any variety of long bob will compliment your facial features.

The Additional Hairstyles That Suit Diamond Faces

  • Pinned updo Hairstyle
  • Swept Bangs and Deep Side Hairstyle
  • Pinned Bangs with Long Wavy Hairstyle
  • Sleek and Straight Shoulder Length Hairstyle
  • Backcombed Bun Hairstyle

The Best Hairstyles for Heart Face Shapes

The heart shaped face and what hairstyles suit it

If you have a heart shaped face, you won't be stuck looking for a hairstyle that suits you! There are so many to choose from. The most popular hairstyles for heart shaped facial structure is the long bob, classic bob, pixie, feathery bangs or side-swept fringe.

The Side-Swept Bangs Hairstyle for Heart Faces

What side swept bangs look like

This picture was the clearest and most straightforward example I could find for side-swept bangs. Side-swept bang is a popular hairstyle for women with heart-shaped faces. The side-swept bangs look is really popular with rounded or heart-shaped faces, and it puts focus on your facial features but doesn’t cover anything up.

The Blunt Bangs Hairstyle for Heart Faces

Blunt bangs on a heart shaped face

Having blunt bangs looks great on heart-shaped faces. While not all bang styles suit your shape, the blunt style with slightly longer lengths on the edge edges and shorter in the middle really compliments the heart shape structure.

The Long and Sleek Hairstyle for Heart Faces

Long and sleek hair on a heart shaped face

Longer hair length is better for heart-shaped faces, and anywhere between shoulder length and below will be an excellent choice. Long heart on heart-shaped faces highlights your facial structure and cheekbones while softening your chin.

The Additional Hairstyles That Suit Heart Faces

  • Half Ponytail
  • Pixie Cut
  • Long With Waves
  • Side Parted Bob
  • Long Bob (Lob)
  • Sleek Straight Long Bob (Lob)
  • Curly Short Hair


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