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What Hairstyles Make Your Hair Look Thicker?

In case you are having thin hair, then you might be knowing that most of the traditional hairstyles won’t be turning out in the way you want. To be true it isn’t your fault by any means. Remember some styles really can’t hold on to limp strands.

Thankfully all your hopes aren’t lost yet. No matter if you have tried everything from a new hair serum to a shampoo, there is one single thing that can actually fix all your woes instantly. A new style of haircut.

There is a certain type of cuts that can make your thin hair look bulky and fuller. In order to make things better, we have come together with a guide on the top haircuts that can actually add volume to your hair. So, read on from here and book an appointment at the barbershop to say a final bye to your lifeless locks.

Asymmetrical Bob Hair

Bob hairstyle that makes it look thicker

This angled type of bob is known to add shape and body to your regular thin hair. You can even try adding feathery layers or swept bangs to add body or texture to your existing hair.

You can even try adding different lengths in order to make the style piercer and that too without actually compromising with the overall texture. Asymmetrical bob can create an illusion of volume even on straightened hair type.

Bangs (Fringe)

Bangs that make your hair look thicker

Bangs are great to make any style on thin hair to the next level. No matter, if you have a long bob, blunt bob, or even layer, bangs are known to be transformative.

This styling can actually create a sense of distraction and can help avert the eye from the thin nature of your hair strands. Apart from all these, bangs can give an instant type of fullness to the frontal part of the hair, where people generally tend to have a first glance.

In case you have layers in your hair, try opting for a pair of eye grazing and soft bangs. If your haircut is sort of blunt, try keeping it consistent by opting for blunt bangs.

Long Layered Hair

Layered hair that looks thick

In case you want to opt for a long hairstyle remember to cut it often. Thin hairs actually grow fast and have a typical tendency to look super stringy and fine towards the bottom.

Try getting a mid-chest length haircut because hairs tend to appear thinner past that length.

In case volume and body are your goals and you prefer to have long strands, try out asking your barber to add a bit of texture towards the end.

Wavy layers are known to add volume to your locks therefore making it look effortlessly polished. Another great thing about the long layers is that it looks amazing even without any styling element.

Remember, just because your new haircut is giving your hair a thicker look doesn’t actually mean that your hair is having texture.

It is very important to take good care of your hair especially if you have thin and delicate strands. If you want to know more about hair growth, hair styling, beard styling, or anything else, don’t forget to visit our website.

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