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The Top 10 Different Kinds of Hairdresser Combs

 When it comes to choosing a hair comb, it can be a challenge to know which is best for your needs. While it is understandable to assume that a general comb, such as a pocket comb, is the best option for your most common hair needs, there are many other essential tools to help you and clients stay well-groomed and look fantastic.

Knowing which comb is best suited to fit your needs or reach your hair goals is crucial to creating the right look. We have created a definitive list to provide all of the information that you need to know about hair combs and how to use them.

Hair combs for styling and cutting

The All-Purpose Comb

All-purpose combs are usually larger, about 7-9 inches, and have a flat back. These sturdy appliances have both a set of fine teeth and a set of broad teeth, and the teeth are levelled across the comb.

Known as the old faithful of hair combs, this one stays true to its name. All-purpose combs can manage a multitude of jobs for women, men, and children. These combs are incredibly sturdy, work on many hair types, and are great for anything from a fast touch up to providing all-day style.

Pick Comb

Pick combs typically have complete teeth and shorter handles. These combs are useful for teasing hair and for those who have afro hairstyles. The combs can be made out of both plastic or metal and come in various sizes and colors. Those with frizzy or thick hair find this comb to be incredibly helpful, especially since they are usually small enough to fit in a pocket or purse.

While this comb is excellent for lifting and teasing the hair, it is harmful to the stands and hair if used to brush through your hair. When using this comb, it is essential to be gentle to ensure that your hair does not suffer any damage and so you don’t suffer a headache.

Barber Comb

The guys may be more familiar with this comb than the ladies as they are most often used by, you guessed it, barbers. These combs are used to trim and cut the hair while maintaining a safe distance from the head. They have both a fine-tooth section and a wide-tooth section.\

These combs are also usually tapered, meaning that they are wider at one end than the other. This serves as a guard to ensure that the barber does not damage their client’s scalp. There are, in fact, very similar to the guards that are used with electric clippers. While they aren’t as easy to find as other types of combs, you should stick to purchasing these at a beauty supply shop to guarantee quality.

Fine-tooth Comb

If you are trying to keep all of your hairs in one place or just make your mane a bit more manageable, fine-tooth combs are precisely what you need. These combs are characterized by their even teeth that are incredibly close together. This feature is excellent for creating hairstyles that are sleek and straight.

Those with very thick hair may find that fine-tooth combs are not their best option. This comb is not well-suited for thick tresses as it can cause snags and breaks. Fine-tooth combs can also cause those with thick hair to lose more hair than they want. Still, for most people, fine-tooth combs do an excellent job at making your hair look fantastic and can even take the place of most common brushes.

Pocket Comb

Pocket combs are the little brother or sister to the all-purpose comb. These combs are meant to fit perfectly in your pocket. They usually have both a wide-tooth side as well as a fine-tooth side to ensure that it is useful for all hair types. In addition to their functionality, they are also exceptionally portable and durable. Their durability is a stand-out feature as they are meant to be placed inside your pocket.

These combs are inexpensive, relatively easy to find, and build to last for a long time! Though they come in many different colours and designs, the most commonly found pocket combs, many of these tend to be black in colour with a basic and standard look.

Pin Tail Comb

Pin tail combs are similar to rat-tail combs, it just has a different tail. The handle, or tail, is much thinner and more refined than that of a rat-tail comb. This type of comb is absolutely perfect for those trying to straighten their hair ad they make it very easy to part or section the hair.

When you work on your hair section by section, this way you style your hair without leaving any stray hairs behind. This tool is particularly useful for those using rollers to help you gather the perfect amount of hair to put on each roller. These combs are also used when dyeing hair, and they are easy to find and inexpensive.

Rake Comb

Securing its name for the resemblance of its teeth to a rake, the rake comb contains teeth that are wide apart, thick, and resemble a rake. These combs are especially useful if you are dealing with a big mess. Rake coms resemble a garden rake, hence the name, and they are specifically helpful for detangling any scalp.

Because the teeth are wide and set far apart, you can brush through your hair using this comb with a minimal amount of damage or breakage. They are much less time-consuming than other types of combs at working through your hair. Their shape and handle make this comb very easy to use for those with any hair type.

Teasing Comb

Have you got thin hair? Looking for a bit of a boost? If you have thin or limp hair, you no longer have to worry about not being able to get more lift and volume. Teasing combs doing an excellent job of adding body and texture to your strands. The comb’s teeth vary in length, while the comb itself tends to be made with metal instead of plastic.

To properly and effectively use this comb, just pull the hair and hold it up straight while running the comb through each strand multiple times. This technique works best for those who have longer or heavier hair and can provide each section with plenty of body. To adjust the amount of lift, consider how many times you're run the teasing comb through each section.

Rat Tail Comb

Much like their Pin Tail counterpart, rat tail bombs have a long skinny handle, or tail, used for sectioning off the hair. The handle is long and thin, which is great to create and straighten sections of your hair. Whether you are looking for a middle part or side part, simply use the comb to manage the hair exactly how you like.

Rat tail combs are typically fine-tooth, which is why they work so well to fit all of your sectioning needs. Rat tail bombs are easy to find, usually made of high-quality material, ensuring that they are made well and inexpensive. Women, men, or children can use these combs – so stock up!

Wide Tooth Comb

Wide-tooth combs have teeth that are spaced very far apart. They are designed this way to ensure that you can safely detangle the hair, whether it is wet or dry. Wet hair is especially vulnerable to breakage and splitting, much more than dry hair. Using a wet tooth comb when your hair is wet is a fantastic way to brush through wet hair without causing any new split ends.

Wide-tooth combs are also useful in combing products or chemicals used to perm or straighten the hair. Because they are so gentle on your hair, there is no added damage when working with the chemicals or products. Wide-tooth combs are very inexpensive and easy to find.

Conclusion: what are the main combs for hairdressers and barbers?

Not all combs are created equal. They serve specific purposes to help you achieve the style that you are looking for while ensuring that you do not cause any unnecessary damage to your hair. Choosing the right comb for the job is essential to achieving the right look. The next time you are trying to determine which comb to use, reference this list to make sure that you are picking the right one.

There is no one-size-fits-all item with regards to picking the best cutting comb.

As most beauticians and beauticians definitely know, various combes are expected to suit diverse hair types. Likewise, multiple kinds of combes produce multiple sorts of finish, so having a decent choice available to suit any customer who strolls through the entryway is basic.

For instance, thick or wavy hair may make a lot of strain on a fine-tooth comb, so more extensive teeth will be required than for a customer with straight hair.

Essentially, a fine-tooth comb makes a more honed, more characterized line, while a more extensive tooth search is better for milder looks.

In any case, you have to ensure you have an excellent sift that floats through the hair without catching or making some other inconvenience your customer, while as yet giving you the grasp you need.

What Will You Be Using The Combs For?

One of the preliminary inquiries to pose is the thing that you will utilize the styling looks over for. There are various kinds of searches for multiple capacities, for example, hairdresser looks over for if you need to trim a short shape with only your scissors and colour searches for colouring and colouring hair. Realizing that the primary capacity of the combes will be can assist you with picking the correct one for the work. You ought to put resources into different combes with the goal that you can offer various administrations.

How Wide Should The Teeth Be?

The teeth of styling combes are significant thought. Having teeth that are further separated is better for isolating hair when trimming it so you can spread it equitably over the surface. Teeth that are nearer together are better for short trims and for facial hair managing, as they assemble the hair flawlessly together for a superior trim. In a perfect world, you ought to have both of these kinds of styling combes, particularly on the off chance that you are offering unisex hairstyles.

What Type Of Hair Will You Be Working With?

Having numerous various kinds of customers implies that you will be working with various different sorts of hair. In any case, a few beauticians decide to work with one type of hair explicitly or on a more ordinary premise. For instance, on the off chance that you will be using often with wavy hair, you may take a gander at a comb with wide teeth that can tenderly detangle the wild curls, or on the off chance that you will be working more with straight, short hair, you won't probably require a wide-toothed styling comb.

How Comfortable Is The Comb To Hold?

A significant thought for styling combes is that they are so agreeable to hold, as you will utilize them every day for quite a long time. If the comb doesn't fit effectively, you may think that its hard to handily move around your customer's head to give a classic hairdo. If the comb is produced using less expensive plastic, it may break effectively when held excessively close, which could affect your hold, influencing your styling aptitudes.

What Material Is It Made From?

Styling combes can be produced using quite a few materials, which can affect which one you decide for your styling needs. Some are made by adding the gemstone tourmaline to diminish the statin in hair when it is being styled. Others are created with carbon, which is lightweight and furthermore slides through hair effectively and productively. Typical plastic looks over can be ideal for those occasions when you have to rapidly style and comb a customer's hair.

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