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Is Point Cutting Bad? Point Haircutting Dangers & Risks For Your Hair?

Point cutting is the common technique used by stylists and only affects the edges. This helps to smooth out the edges and create the shape of straight blunt cuts.

If your hairdresser uses an expert hair cutting scissor that can cut the point of your hair and is aware of the procedure and why, then point cutting is not likely to harm your hair.

Hair cutting can be harmful to your hair as it can cause split-ends and other damages on hair strands. However, this isn't an everyday event and only low-quality scissors or a novice hairdresser will be detrimental to your hair.

One of them is point cutting it is a method employed to texture hair. Point cutting can be employed to reduce the bulk from the ends of the hair and allows layers or graduated that are built into the haircut to blend more smoothly. It allows for movement in the hair and can be utilized for both male and female hairstyles.

How Can Point Cutting Be Bad For My Hair?

The point cutting hair is the method you'll want to try at home or in the salon!

This technique adds texture the ends of coarse, thick hair.

What exactly is it that means to point at your hair? Does it cause damage and split ends?

By cutting with a point, the ends of your hair are secured between your middle and index fingers. By sliding the shears' points you're cutting vertically tiny pieces of hair to form soft layers. The angle at which you cut will determine how much or tiny hair is removed each time you cut.

This means that you'll get more movement, texture , and an airy appearance. The reason is that it creates some separation at the edges.

If you're using sharp scissors for cutting your hair, and you have a bit of patience and patience, then cutting with point scissors will not cause any harm for your hair.

Steps To Avoid Damaging Your Hair With Point Cutting

To prevent any damage in your hair or the client's hair Here are a few steps you can follow to avoid cutting.

  1. Get a pair haircutting scissors to ensure that you cut through your hair leaving the most minimal amount of damage to hair strands likely
  2. Learn ahead of time in cutting techniques using point cutters: read the entire article on point cutting!
  3. Make sure you know where the point of the knife is the relationship to your fingers always.
  4. The angle the scissors are held at will determine how much hair you're cutting off. The more vertically you hold the scissors with respect towards the hair the less hair you're cutting off with each cut.
  5. Begin by trimming one quarter inch from the tips. This will allow you to shed excess weight off the tips and not just the ends.

Point cutting is just as simple as any other method of haircutting.

Then you slide the haircutting blades hair into hair. When you're pulling them out, you're closing the blades and clipping your hair while you do.

Be sure to take the blades off your fingers when cutting.

The Safest Point Cutting Techniques To Avoid Damaging Hair

There are actually a few different ways to perform the point cutting technique, and to be safe, we recommend using the methods preferred by professional hairdressers. 

Here are a few of the easiest and safest point cutting techniques: 

Bulk Removal Point Cutting

If you're looking to reduce any bulk, you can change the angle to 45 degrees. You can't go so deep using this technique.

The point cutting bulk removal technique is used to eliminate the weight and give a more an appearance with textured.

Precision Point Haircutting Technique

What Is Precision When It Comes To Hair Cutting? Precision of haircutting is the exact form and method used to safely point cut. It could be a perfect hairline or A-Line haircut with nearly no imperfections.

The purpose of this method is creating a light fractured line within the hair. After it's done, the hair should fall easily and provide the desired texture.

Hairdressing professionals use precision point cutting to achieve the look of texturing without damaging hair.

Perhaps, it also answers the question "What can point cutting do for the hair?" The answer various methods produce various results that reduce weight and create texture.

Point Cutting Fanning Technique

Fanning and point cutting is one of the best techniques to protect hair strands while cutting. Simply grab a portion and then cross your fingers over it and then fan the section. then go in and cut the layers

Use your fingers to move your hair so that it spreads. Then , you can go a little deeper into the hair, but make sure that the scissors remain vertical (at the 90 degree angle) in the hair. So you're just cutting off small pieces of hair and not massive chunks.

Hairdressers use the fanning point cutting technique to reduce weight in thicker and coarse hair without causing any damage or reducing movement.

Sliding Bulk Removal Point Cutting Technique

Place your fingers at the level you would like to cut a point far enough to mid shaft. Start by pointing cutting directly to your fingers. Slide your fingers toward the ends, continuing to cut random points while keeping the shear with a good vertical angle.

Use the slide cutting technique for texture hair and eliminate the bulk by moving your shears and holding them with your hands slightly open. It is the method to texturize the hair and eliminating bulk using sliding your shears, held open

What is the purpose? To eliminate the bulk and give you ends with different lengths, instead of cutting along a distinct line.

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