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How to Trim Your Own Hair at Home without Regretting it

This past year has been one with less visits to the salon or barber. Many of us have resorted to cutting our own hair at home just to keep it from getting too shaggy, long or in our faces. If you are one of those people wondering how to trim your own hair at home without crying, we have put together some tips for you!

Our first tip and most important, is do not cut your hair with kitchen scissors! This is a mistake we see too often…when people have had enough of their untrimmed, wild locks they reach for the kitchen scissors without thinking twice. Even if you are just cutting an inch or two off your bangs, the type of scissors you use is everything. Hair cutting scissors are designed specifically for cutting hair and the blades are smaller and thinner so you can get a precise cut.

Home Cut Prep…What You Need to Feel Prepared

So, before you go chopping off your hair with those scissors in your catch-all kitchen drawer, here are a few things you can do to prep for a good home haircut:

  1.       Get yourself a pair of quality hair cutting scissors. For the purpose of home trims, you don’t need anything too fancy. But you do want to get a pair of fine point shears to give the cleanest cut. Pay attention to the blades and get something with smaller blades that you can manage easily.
  2.       You will also want to get a comb with wide teeth. When you use a comb with wide teeth, you will get a softer cut.
  3.       Make sure to have a towel ready to catch your hair! This step will save you from having to clean up a giant mess. Let the hair fall onto the towel and not the floor for a quick and easy clean up.
  4.       Hair mist spray or a water bottled filled with water. You will want to spray the part of the hair you are cutting with water to keep a clean cut. When you use a water bottle or hair misting spray, it allows you to better section off the hair as you cut it.
  5.       Don’t forget the hair ties, clips or scrunchies to hold the hair and section off the pieces you want to cut. Even though cutting hair seems simple and straightforward, you don’t want to leave this step out! Make sure to use clips to section off the pieces you want and do not want to cut to avoid accidentally chopping off hair you don’t intend to.

OK, now that you are ready and prepped, the next step is the actual cut. When you are ready to cut your hair, wash it and dry it thoroughly before cutting.

The next step is to use your comb to pull tiny pieces of the hair from the front of your head keeping an equal amount on the left and right. Pull the hair down to where you want your layers to start. When you are ready to cut, twist the strand and cut downward with the scissors. Repeat.

Be Conservative in Your Cut and Take Your Time

Keep in mind less is more! Be conservative as you cut. You can always take off more if you want, but you can’t replace what you already cut. While trimming our own hair at home seems far from luxurious and maybe a little daunting, it can work. With a good set of hair trimming shears and a patient hand, who knows? You may never hit the salon again!


  • Hello My wife is planning to cut my hair a theme due to lockdown. Jun Oh, kindly pls advise what kid of scissors she would need . ( She is an amateur) thanks Donald



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