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How To Master The Clipper Over Comb Technique

One of the most popular techniques you can use to cut hair is the clipper over comb technique.

This technique allows you to blend different structures within haircuts, remove bulk, among others. Ultimately, it is very similar to the clipper over fingers technique.

The main difference is that instead of your fingers, you need to use a comb to cut hair. 

When To Use The Clipper Over Comb Technique

Using a clipper and a comb to cut hair

The truth is that you can use this technique on many different occasions. However, it is mainly used to remove significant amounts of thick hair. Besides, you should also use it when you are looking for a consistent and even cut. 

One of the best things about this technique is that it allows you to get a wide variety of finishes since you can use a different clipper size. It's important to keep in mind that the size of both the comb and clipper you use depends on the area of the head that you are working, as well as on the hair's texture and length. 

How To Master The Clipper Over Comb Technique

A clipper over comb equipment and tools

The clipper over comb technique is not difficult to master at all. 

The first thing you need to do is to hold the comb in the less dominant hand. Then, you should lift the hair using the comb at a 90 degrees angle away from the scalp. 

Then, you will need to hold the clipper in your dominant hand and simply move up the comb, cutting off the hair protruding beyond the comb’s teeth.

In case you are looking for a tapered effect with long hair at the top and short hair at the bottom, you need to make sure that you angle the comb. This will allow you to control the length of the hair that remains after the ends have been clipped off.

As we already mentioned, you can also use this technique to get a wide variety of styles for men. You can, for example, work on vertical sections. To do this, you need to keep one end of the comb close to the head, and the other side angled out at the preferred degree to retain length. Notice that you should work from the bottom to the hairline.  

The Different Clipper And Comb Sizes

The clipper guards used for clipper over comb techniques

As we mentioned above, depending on the length of the hair, its texture, and the effect you want to get, the size of the clipper and comb will need to be necessarily different. 

When you are working with large volumes of hair, you should opt for a larger clipper. On the other hand, if you're finishing a blended short haircut like a flat top, a smaller clipper comb can be used. After all, the finer teeth will be better suited to picking up hair close to the scalp. 

When you are adding the final touches, you may want to use a finishing comb. Finishing combs are usually flexible and move smoothly making them very useful when you are clipping around rounded surfaces like the ears. 

Clipper Over Comb On Yourself

Has anyone tried to use the clipper over comb barber technique on yourself?

At the point when I initially began, I would just like a millimetre at that point stop since I was so frightened. 

In any case, I've figured out how to lean my wrist against my head to immovably hold the comb, so it doesn't move, and I utilise my left hand to cut. It's kind of strange however I feel better using my left hand for this when I trim my own hair. 

Simply remove a little at a time and see what it looks like in the mirror on each side. Simply make sure to keep the comb straight as well. 

Utilise a 3-way reflect. I fabricated one myself, so that is how I am ready to do it. Before I had the 3-way mirror, I just managed it with scissors by laying my fingers level on my head, snatching the long hair between my pointer and centre finger, and trimming it, so the crown length is similar as the back. 

The process to perform a clipper over comb technique on yourself is useful for sides/sideburns and the base region of the hairstyle by the neck. 

What rules around using the clipper over comb technique on yourself are

Note: If you are right handed, you're predominant hand is your left, and the opposite for left handed people.

  1. The hair must be dry since wet hair bunches and like this won't get trimmed uniformly by the trimmer edges. Do the clipper over comb method toward the finish of the hairstyle. At the point when you begin trimming toward the start of the hairstyle, the hair should be damp. Anyway, when you've completed the framework and the top ½ of the head, the base should be dry enough to cut with the trimmers. 
  2. Hold your comb in your less predominant hand (left) and lift vertical areas of hair at a 90° point (straight out) from the scalp. 
  3. With your trimmer in your predominant hand (right), start at the lower part of the segment of hair projecting between the teeth of your comb. Move your trimmer up your comb, removing any hairs that stick past your comb. 
  4. If you need to tighten the hair with the base being the briefest and having the highest point of the part you are trimming to be longer, you will have to point your comb. At the point when you lift out vertical areas of hair, have one finish of the comb near the head and point the opposite end out. Hold it at the point that bodes well for the hairstyle you're giving. 
  5. Keep cutting in vertical segments around the head. Work from the lower part of the hairline, going up until you arrive at the lower part of the hair that is now trimmed at the highest point of your head. 
  6. With this method, your comb has the primary job since it decides how much hair you will trim off. Hold the comb consistent as you are slicing to maintain a strategic distance from any lop-sidedness. 
  7. Use hair that you've just trimmed to go about as a guide for how you hold your comb. Getting some hair that has now been trimmed alongside some whole hair causes you to perceive how to hold your look over for the following trim. Be cautious with the principal cut you make since you have no guide for it. Be traditionalist with the amount you remove the primary cut. You can generally return and cut off more if necessary. 

Utilising the trimmer over-comb trimming procedure is a genuine lifeline for difficult to trim zones at the lower part of the hairstyle. You can make the base edges a lot more limited (and along these lines make the hairstyle last more) if you get hair with a comb as opposed to with your fingers.

Conclusion: How to use the Clipper Over Comb technique

When utilising the clipper over comb procedure, you should hold the comb fixed and cut the length against the comb. 

Hold the comb fixed and cut the length against the comb(parietal edge). 

Even though I've been trimming my own hair with the clipper over comb technique for quite a long time and I discover clipper over comb truly simple to apply to others, I need to concede that it's a strategy that is truly hard during a self-trim.

I found that I improved outcomes by essentially proceeding with the blur procedure over to the top. Most instructional exercises blur to #2 and afterwards go to the clipper over comb procedure.

I keep changing watchmen and gradually moving upwards. So 2, at that point 3, at that point 4. I get done with 4 and an outward development of the wrist attempting to blend the 4 in with the top. I expectation this bodes well. 

Would you like to trim hair quickly and have it come out professionally stylish with a clean look? In case you're trimming a more limited or medium-length haircut, utilising the clipper over comb strategy works incredibly.

This main method makes it simple to mix length and give hair a tightened look. While it's challenging to do clipper over comb in case you're trimming your own hair, you can without much of a stretch give another person a hair style utilising it.

After some practice using the Clipper Over Comb technique on yourself or on your client's at the barbershop, you will soon become a master! It's not rocket science, but you still have to be careful to avoid making any hair catastrophes.

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