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Cutting Men's Hair With Scissors: How To Give Men's Haircuts

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people started getting their haircuts at home. The truth is that giving a man a haircut is very important, and it’s not as complicated as you might imagine. With that in mind, here are some of the tips you need to focus on if you want to achieve the perfect cut.

Selecting the haircut style

Before you start giving a haircut, you need to figure out what style works for you and what results in you expect. If you’re new, you want to go with simpler techniques. Classic options are better because you get to prevent any issues, and it will just make things a lot simpler to handle. 

The most popular men's haircuts include:

  • Slicked back
  • Messy Matte
  • Drop Fade
  • Medium Length (shoulder)
  • Short sides and longer top
  • Loose Undercut

Preparing the work area

You want to have a floor surface that’s easy to clean. Also, you also want to prepare the best possible equipment that you can. Getting a pair of quality shears and purchasing professional equipment, in general, is an excellent idea. It will offer you a fantastic return on investment.

The main tools you need for a successful men's haircut include:

  • hair scissors
  • towel
  • comb
  • spray bottle (optional)
  • mirror (self  haircut)
  • clippers (depending on hairstyle)
  • go get'em attitude!

Read more about hairdresser and barber safety and hygiene with hair, here!.

Clean and detangle the hair

It’s important to clean and detangle the hair before you start cutting it. If you are using electric clippers, you want to work on dry hair. However, if you are working with scissors, you want damp hair since it’s easier to process and it will provide much better results every time. 

Cutting hair with scissors

Once you detangled the hair and cleaned it up, you can start cutting. Pick the right clipper attachment. You can use a 6 if you want some length, 3 or 4 if you want a classic cut or a 2 for a close cut. Experimenting with these can be a great idea, although, in the beginning, you want to start with a classic, then adapt accordingly.

Now you want to hold the clippers between the thumb and your first 2 fingers. A good rule is to start from the base of a man’s head, and then go upward. Lining up the back of the head is the right thing to focus on, and then you can line up the sides for the best experience.

It’s important to go and trim the bangs and the top. Dampen the top and then try to comb the hair towards the front. Trim the top and make sure that you cut perpendicularly for a clean cut. You want to avoid cutting in a single clip; instead, you want to go with short, simple cuts. Once you cut the line, comb the hair again and blend the top, then trim the bangs for the best possible results and experience. 

Finalising the cut

At the end, you want to blend the scissor cuts with a good clipper cut. Trim the sideburns and neck, then you can go ahead and comb one more time. You want to use this approach to prevent missing any spots. It’s a good idea to wash the hair once more just to prevent any remaining clippings. 

The best way to check a men's haircut is to let the hair dry. When the hair is damp or wet, it expands and might look different. 

You can always spray the hair again and make some corrections after.


Giving a man a haircut might seem complicated, but it all comes down to trusting yourself and your instincts. It will take a little bit to get used to all the steps, yet it works great, and you will find this to be an excellent experience. Just make sure that you continue practising, and in the end, you will get the hang of it without a problem!

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