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How To Cut Your Own Short Hair: 4 Step Guide

Whether you are looking to maintain your short hair at home, picking up a hobby, or learning from 2020’s quarantine, you only need a quick guide before understanding how to cut your own short hair.

In this article, we will cover what you need and how to cut your own short hair at home.

Let’s get started!

What do I need to cut my own short hair at home?

One of the most common questions we get asked is “what do I need to cut my hair at home”, and it can be different for short hair, but the key ingredient to an excellent short haircut is a sharp pair of scissors.

Now, most people will go to the kitchen or craft box for a simple pair of regular scissors, but this can cause damage and split-ends, so be careful!

The majority of extra-short style haircuts require:

  • A pair of sharp hair scissors
  • An electric razor


Step 1. Wet your hair

The first step is to wet your hair. You have two choices here: wet your hair in the shower or sinks, then dry it slightly, or you can use a spray bottle to dampen your short hair.

Why do you need to have wet hair before cutting short hair? It makes it a lot easier to cut, and it harder to make mistakes.

Step 2. Start cutting at the top

For most short haircuts, the top of your head will have longer hair than the back or sides, so our focus is at the top.  

Below the ears will have a shorter length, and above the ears will have a slightly longer length. Follow the steps below as it covers everything you need to know about cutting your own short hair.

Take the razor, plug it in and get ready to cut.

1.Take a razor clip that is one or two (2.5cm to 5cm) inches, depending on how short you want to cut your hair.  

2. Turn on the razor with your chosen clip. You will be making upward motions, so the razor points towards the ceiling. Start above the ears and move up. Follow the side of you head all the way to the back.

3. Do the same for the other side of your head, starting from above the ear then going all the way to the back. Make sure you don’t miss any spots on the back of your head.

4. Perform the same on the front by starting from your forehead and moving the razor upwards. The idea is to move the razor upwards along the natural curve of your head.

5. Review and evaluate. Make sure you have not missed any spots on the front, side or back.


Step 3. Cut the lower sides and back

For the lower sides and back of your head, you will typically want a shorter cut. You can choose one size smaller than the razor clip chosen for step two, so if you had a 2” inch (5cm) clip, than you can choose a 1” (2.5cm) clip for the short sides.

1. Start with your sideburns and repeat the same low-to-upwards motion. Stop when you reach the longer hair, above the ears line.

2. Continue on the back of your head, starting from your neck and slowly moving the razor up. Stop again where you reach the longer hair, above the ears line.

3. There may be some slight difference in length between the hair above your ears line, and the hair below. This can be fixed using scissors.

Step 4. Blend the two different hair lengths with scissors

The next step to a perfect short haircut is to blend the two different hair lengths using scissors. At this point, you should have a line around your head, at the height of your upper ears, where the top part is longer, and the bottom part is shorter. This is what we want to blend.

  1. Taking your non-dominant hand, use your middle and index fingers to grab a longer section of hair. This is just above the shorter hairline.
  2. Using hair scissors, trim the longer hair section the length is in between, the shorter hair and longer hair lengths. This blends the two areas together nicely.
  3. Continue this process all around your head where long hair and short hair sections stand out. The result should be where the line between short hair and long hair is blended all across your head.
  4. If you are confident, you can perform this process on the back of your head, otherwise, have someone else do this for you.

Conclusion: How to cut my own short hair

With a razor and a sharp pair of hair scissors, you can cut your own short hair. Short haircuts are a lot easier to do on your own than longer hair, but you still need to focus.

The hardest part of a short haircut on yourself is the blending section; where you take a pair of scissors and blend the long and short hair sections together. 

The most common mistakes when cutting your own hair is not blending, and this makes your short and long sections stand out.

The easiest way to cut your own short hair at home is with a mirror, a pair of scissors, and a razor. Take your time while cutting your hair as you don't have enough hair to repair any serious mistakes.


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