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How To Ask For The Right Haircut: Men & Women's Guide

You might be excited to talk to your barber or hairdresser if you go to the barbershop for the first time or try out a new haircut.

The biggest question after getting an idea for your next hairstyle in mind is how to ask for it? How can you make sure that your hairdresser or barber gives you the perfect haircut.

You can take advice from your friends, asking them questions like how do you ask for a textured haircut? How do you ask for a layered haircut? For a better haircut experience. For long and short haircuts (both men and women), here is a simple guide to barber chat!

How to talk to the barber or hairdresser?

A man receiving his perfect haircut

  • Before visiting your barber, you should know how to ask for a haircut man, have a hairstyle in mind. Study the various styles of haircuts if possible and find a photo that suits the look you want.
  • Know which type or number (e.g., guard size refers to length) you prefer if you're asking for a fade.
  • Decide how you want the hair on top to be styled. The length of your cut and what areas of your hair need to be shaved, trimmed, sorted, or cut will determine what hairstyle you choose.
  • Finally, select how your neckline should be trimmed. Blocked, round, or shaved, the neckline can be cut in a few ways.

Questions to ask yourself for a better haircut

  • Does this haircut suit the shape of my face?
  • Does this haircut fit into my style of living?
  • Did I try this cut on for size?
  • Will I be capable of styling this cut every day without myself?

Questions to ask the barber for a better haircut

  • How much grooming will this haircut require?
  • Is this haircut suitable for my budget?
  • Does this haircut fit my hair's thickness?
  • Does this haircut fit my texture of hair?

Types of Haircuts for Men


A blowout is a style of haircut for men that is designed to look wind-blown and a bit wild. A full-volume top, which is styled tall, and short or fading sides, define the look.

Bowl Cut

The style features a straight cut trim with the sides and back of the hair cut to the same length for those who do not remember the '90s bowl cut. Today, with a less serious undercut, the current bowl cut is rougher than its predecessor.

Buzz Cut

A short haircut for guys is a quick and brief haircut. Its length, which is clipped very close to the head with electric clippers, is noticeable. Short hairstyles are a very simple style to wear and maintain thanks to its ultra-short length. When the length starts to grow out, they need no styling and only need a simple trim.

Caesar Cut

A Caesar cut features short, horizontally straight cut long hair, a form of men's hairstyle. Julius Caesar was named for the look, which is also short on the top, bottom, and sides.


A comb-over is a classic men's hairstyle attached to a long section of hair that is cut to one side and combed toward the other on top of the head. The cut, which can help make the hair look full, is also popular with fine-haired people.

Crew Cut

A crew cut is a type of haircut for men, where the straight hair is cut short on the top of the head. Also, to create a clean and orderly look, the sides are cut or trimmed extremely short.

Disconnected Undercut

One of the most common hairstyles for daring guys is a disconnected undercut. The cut includes a longer hair length on top and much shorter sides. The disconnected undercut, unlike trim and blend models, avoids any natural shift in duration and instead decides for a great contrast.


Dreadlocks are a type of hairstyle where long strands are stained into ropelike locks or coiled into them. Most frequently, the unusual look is associated with the Rastafarian movement and can be developed by twisting hair into tight braids when wet.

Fade and Taper

On top, fade and shorter fade haircuts have a longer duration that slowly shortens down the sides and back. To expose the skin around the ears, the style can either fade right down or cut to a shorter hair length.

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk is a great modern version of the classic punk style, attempting to replicate a mohawk without actually being one. The look features short sides and a longer length of upward cut hair on top.

French Crop

A French crop is a streamlined cut that features a similar or slightly longer length of short sides on top. To build a little hair along the hairline, the cut is styled forward on top. In appearance to a Caesar haircut, a French crop is similar, and the two are sometimes confused.


Adding a fade to your hairstyle will change your look completely. For a more modern look, pick between short front hairs for a vintage look with edge trim.

High Fade

The high fade is a hairstyle that is more stylish than its smaller counterparts. For an appearance that is both mixed and blended, the look easily reduces from a long top to absolutely short sides.

Ivy League

A slightly longer version of the standard short haircut is an Ivy League haircut, which is also often referred to as a Princeton or Harvard clip. On top of the head, the cut features hair that is long enough to be styled with a side section.

Man Bun

Several years ago, the fashionable haircut known as the man bun was launched and is still going high. The stylish look is suitable for medium-length and long locks and includes tying all the hair on the back of the head into a single knot.

Mid Fade

The short hairstyle features fading sides between the head and the ear, in which the hair graduates from long to short. For any gentlemen looking for something stronger than a low beard but more graceful than a high edition, this stylish cut is a great choice.

Military Haircut

This category includes several other styles, along with the normal army haircut, which has a side part and is smoothly styled in place. All considered military and army hairstyles are the short haircuts, military fade haircut, Ivy League, crew cut, uniform cut, undercut, and a flat top.

Types of haircut for women

A lady explaining hair desired haircut

Short Haircut

During the last couple of seasons, we should know how to ask for a haircut women. The classic trimmed does have had a serious style update. Contrasting shapes and lengths, undercut parts, and custom colours make them unique and bring the viewer's individuality to light. For each type of hair, here are opinions of classy modern crops.

Medium Shoulder Length Haircut

The golden mean that lets you enjoy cheap locks or brush your hair up in a cute look. Whenever you are hit by the mood is the Midi length hair. Consider a stylish shoulder-grazing cut and enjoy the rewards that come along if you want to rest from the protection of longer locks. We are prepared to propose various kinds of bobs, lobs, and midi shags.

Long Haircut

Summer is the perfect time for your creativity to unlock and explore the promise of long locks. A lightly feathered cut will allow your strands to flow beautifully over the shoulders and will not provide a hairstyle or a hair with many unnecessary dry patches. Shags, heavy layers, or undercut styles may go for fans of elegant looks.

Haircuts for Women Over 50

We just need a good hairstyle after a certain age: current low-maintenance, and attractive. We have covered various lengths, hair types, and types, as well as variable colours, including natural grey and layered bob, since it is a very individual choice.

Layered Haircut

Broken hair shows complexity and shape. All the style is smooth, cut, hairy cuts; they're easy to style and look timeless. If you're after a stylish pixie, bob, or long locks, every time, a fine hair look wins. Check our galleries and choose a textured look that is popular!

Bob Haircut

These are, definitely, today's most famous crops. Depending on the hair type and the chosen style, they vary in lengths, textures, finishes, colors and can look completely different. As the option is limitless in this group, we guarantee you hundreds of valuable examples to choose from.


Short hair does not mean messy anymore. The cuts today are trimmed or undercut, so the extra lift and volume are built exactly where you want them. There are always uneven cuts with longer shaved sides, and you can still add an extra special touch to your look, including feathered layers or bright highlights of a closer look.

Shag Haircut

With their fashionable look and limited styling time, faded layers bribe us. If you go to your desired length for a simple choppy, disconnected cut, you can be sure you have an instant wash-and-go hairstyle. As these cuts can be extremely different, go for a shape that fits your face.

Haircut for women with Thin Hair

With the correct cut, volume and body can be easily constructed. Layers do matter, as they change the appearance of weak locks absolutely. For hair that lacks strength, a pixie, lob, or shag is quite nice. Check out our recommendations and choose what looks interesting to you.

Haircut for women with Thick Hair

Abundant hair is the joy of all, but if you don't want it to turn into a mop, a lot of your Showtime is required, which typically starts from the right cut. Pick the length that fits your face and matches the theme of your life. We have so many cool thoughts in stock!

Haircut for Natural Hair

When cut and styled correctly, black curves look amazing regardless of their form. A stunning hairstyle that fits with your curl pattern needs your pretty curls. You may want to brighten your curls with undercut designs or update it, and here we are totally supportive. Colourful and bold solutions are waiting for you, as well as simple and quiet ones.

Curly Haircut

If you let them grow as they will, curly hair and roots can get way too wild. In your chosen length, give them a cute shape, and you'll never have to deal with styling problems. Maintain and enjoy the beauty of your natural texture with monthly haircuts.

Straight Haircut

Much like undisciplined hair, there are enough complaints about smooth, weak, and tin roots since they lack structure, body and can end up looking flat and unhealthy. With feathered, piece-y, choppy, or shaggy layers, redesign your locks and say good-bye to lifeless hair.

Haircuts with Bangs

A new cut with trim can change your look entirely, so never forget those tiny pieces that structure your face. In fact, they can be very long, angled, and slim, or short, blunt, and sharp to fit an artful cut. It is also possible to consider anything in between.


For a modern girl, all sorts of Hawks, classic, artificial, and braided ones, create an edgy, sassy look especially glamorous. Stylish sides and a height above the face slim down, reveal big lips and make up the statement. The effect is solid, whether you achieve the look with an undercut or short hair.

Tips for a better haircut

Do prepare for your haircut

Collecting photos of all the hairstyles you find attractive is the way to help your stylist give you the cut you want. More than one picture is okay, and it is also helpful to explain what you find appealing about the pictures.

Do let your stylist do their job.

We enjoy visiting with you but note that with the little talk, we focus on giving you a great cut and perfectly good.

Do it a couple of minutes early

You can be seen earlier if your stylist is ahead of schedule. If not, as your hairdresser finishes with the previous customer, an assistant might also be able to get you all set up. This also gives you time, which should be a key part of every salon visit to relax.

Do tip

It is standard to tip 20 percent if you are happy with your service. If you come in for a free boom trim, a tip is respected. This is only important in the USA or if you are super happy with their service in Australia, Canada or New Zealand.


Learning how to ask for a haircut, after all, is not that hard. When going to the barbershop, the number one rule is to always carry photo references. This always helps the barber get a better idea of which sort of haircut you want.

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