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Do hairdressers or barbers prefer clean hair?

Every hairdresser and barber have their own style and ways they are working on your hair. That’s normal because there will always be preferences and people doing things their own way. But the truth is that they all expect you to come with clean hair. 

Sure, there are circumstances when that can be hard to do. But for the most part, you should consider going to the barber or hairdresser with clean hair. Why is that? Let’s find out.

Why do hairdressers expect you to have clean hair?

Aside from proper etiquette, the truth is that hairdressers have a more practical reason why they expect clean hair from their customers. The idea here is that clean hair will have an excellent form. 

That helps you if you want everything to be applied thoroughly and without any possible problems. Plus, if you get a haircut, you will notice that the dirty hair is filled with dry shampoo, and it can even be greasy.

Stuff like this makes your hair a lot harder and certainly more challenging to clean. It won’t feel like a lot at first, but it does bring its fair share of challenges for the hairdresser or barber. Ideally, you want to wash your hair a day before you go for a haircut. 

Just think about it, if you feel grossed out about your hair, how do you think your hairdresser will be? They will touch it and try to bring you a great haircut, but they won’t be happy if the hair is greasy. 

Should you wash your hair before you go to the hairdressers/barbers?

Not really; as we mentioned earlier, it’s better to do that a day in advance. What you want to do is to focus on the best results as much as you can. What that means is maintaining a good hair washing routine yourself. 

The more time you take to keep your hair clean and healthy, the better. It’s very important to have clean hair if you want to change its colour. 

Since the hair colour is changing, your colour will need to go down to the hair structure. 

Obviously, if the hair is greasy, the colour will not be as vibrant, and it will last just for a little while. Add to that the fact that some colours don’t absorb well into dirty hair, to begin with, and you will see why it’s imperative to clean and wash your hair correctly.  


Washing your hair often is very healthy, and it’s also the right etiquette before you go to the hairdressers or barbers. 

They will help you the best way they can, but it’s a lot more pleasant when you come with clean, washed hair. It just makes their job a lot easier. 

That’s why you should always focus on keeping your hair clean; it’s just more professional, appealing, and respectful. Plus, it allows the hairdressers and barbers to do their job faster and in a more adequate manner.

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