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Can Haircuts Cause Hair Loss?

Several myths have been swirling across hair losses since ages. There are several old wives’ tales and many untruths out there, making it very much difficult to separate the actual fact from the fiction. So how do you know what is fake and what isn’t?

A very common misconception that has been in the minds of people is that frequent haircut is the main reason for hair loss. Here in this article, we would be broadly discussing it and let you know all the related facts to hair loss and haircuts.

Phases Of A Hair Growth

Hair loss and hair growth before and after picture

Hair generally grows from tiny pockets of the scalp which is known as follicles. In accordance with the American Academy of Dermatology, there are approximately five million hair follicles across the body and around one lack follicles on the scalp. Most of the human hair strands develop in three different phases.

  • Anagen: The anagen dynamic development period of a human hair endures somewhere between the range of 2 to 8 years.
  • Catagen: This progress stage of the hair generally happens when the hair drops out, enduring for a few months.
  • Telogen: This is generally known as the resting stage of the hair, and it usually happens when the hair drops out and endures for a few months.

Remember most of the hair follicles that are on the scalp are generally present in the anagen stage.

Can Regular Haircut Cause Hair Loss?

A single word answer to this is a no. Let us tell you why. The way you treat the hair shafts does not provide any sort of hindrance or affect the roots of the hair. Remember, hair shafts are generally comprised of dead tissues, which basically means there isn’t any metabolism going on inside them.

No matter how you treat these hair shafts, it would never affect the living tissue. Most of the metabolic activity related to hair loss happens inside the human body, which is called the hair follicle.
Imagine your hair to be a finished product coming out from a tiny factory. The moment it clears everything off, it can never again influence the factory.

However, on the flip side, the follicle can always influence a product. Therefore, no matter how you are treating your hair, the factory or the strand, in this case, would never be affected by any other means.

An exception to this can only happen, in case you are using products that touches the inner scalp. Some products, like strong dyes, can even damage the inner follicle by means of skin absorption. If the outer strands are pulled by bands or any sort of tight hair styling items, it might even result in causing damage to the roots.

Chopping hairs frequently means that you are keeping your hair comparatively short. This can be actually good because your hairs would be less prone to get damaged by Traction alopecia or pollution. Apart from that, short hairs are much easier to clean and maintain in the long run.

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