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Best Haircut Technique For Round Face

As you probably already know, if you happen to have a round or chubby face, not all hairstyles will fit you. Ultimately, the wrong haircut can accentuate your fullness as well as cast shadows you don't want to see. 

One of the things to keep in mind when you have a round face is that you should go for hairstyles that actually work with your curves to ensure that they highlight your best features. No matter if it is your beautiful smile, dimples, bright eyes, or any other unique characteristics you have. 

Simply put, you can (and should) go for a new hairstyle. You don't need to be restricted to that haircut you have for ages. 

Read about your facial shapes and hair, here!

Best Haircut Techniques For Round Face

 A round women's face for hairstyling techniques

1. Short Shaggy Layers

There's no question that a shaggy hairstyle is one of the best options for round faces. After all, it balances out all the curves in your face. Besides, adding a bold colour can genuinely accentuate the layers. 

2. Short Wavy Hair

One of the things you can do is use your new haircut to elongate your lines. The short wavy hair hairstyle fits this category perfectly. Besides, it also beings a beautiful texture, not to mention that it improves bounce at the same time. 

Notice that it is better to avoid bangs since this way your face will look slimmer. 

3. Flowing Layers

If you have long hair, then you can definitely keep your length. However, you should consider adding layers to create a movement around your face. This will help hide the curves of your cheeks and chin. 

4. Dramatic Combover

If you're someone who keeps messing up with the hair all day long, this dramatic combover may be an excellent option for you. Ultimately, you will be sweeping your hair to one side. This will not only allow you to cover one of your cheeks as well as you can catch attention to your eyes, earrings, and maybe your makeup. 

5. Unexpected Colour and Blunt Bangs:

If you are looking to stand out even more, then you have got to go for this unexpected colour and blunt bangs. Ultimately, you just need to pick a colour that suits your skin tone and complete your new hairstyle with thick blunt bangs to draw attention to your eyes. 

6. Knotted Partial Updo

If you have long hair and bangs, then you may consider a beautiful knotted partial updo. These crown knots are not only beautiful and different as they will also add height. This means it elongates your face. 

7. Medium Wavy Haircut

In case you're looking for a medium wavy haircut, then you should go for some tapered ends. The main reason is that you'll have a bit of volume on the top which lengthens your face. Also, the thinner ends help you get a slimmer appearance. 

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