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A Beginners Guide To Cutting Hair: Men & Women!

Are you looking to learn how to cut hair? If so, then you are in the right place! While cutting hair, many things can go wrong, so it pays to learn about it before you begin cutting your hair.

The best way to get a perfect would be to visit a salon. However, if you can't make it to the salon right now but can’t afford to attend a meeting or an event with the hair you currently have, then there is no other option than to cut yourself.

Now that you have come here, there is nothing to worry about because we will describe some useful tips to cut your hair perfectly.

Get a Pair of Styling Shears for Cutting Hair

If you’re using an old pair of scissors to cut hair, then stop doing it now. Old scissors can create split ends and worsen the look of your hairstyle. So, it’s time to invest in a pair of styling shears. You can get an explicitly designed pair of styling shears that’ll give a perfect haircut. Besides, when cut with the right pair of scissors, hair grows back better than ever.

Cut Less Than You Want To

When starting a haircut, don’t directly cut to the point you want. Always start by cutting less than you want to cut. That’s because you can always cut more hair if it needs so but doing otherwise isn’t possible. Cutting exactly to the point you think you need to might not suit you, so proceed to that cut gradually.

Remember that if you cut hair when they are wet, they’ll look shorter upon drying.

Work with Natural Hair Texture While Cutting Hair

The ideal way to cut hair is to cut them when they’re in natural texture. Let’s say your hair is curly or wavy; cut them when they’re dry. It will let you determine what will be the final look. If your hair is straight, wet them with a spray bottle and then cut your hair.

Cut Your Own Hair Straight

For straight hair, bring them to the front and cut at an angle or straight. To cut your own hair straight, follow the steps:

  • If you have straight hair, try to cut them when they are wet because it makes them even longer.
  • Create two sections of your hair.
  • Bring the two sections in front of you and cut the ends.

Trimming the Split Ends

From time to time, trimming of hair is essential to maintain a nice looking hairstyle. After a few days of getting a haircut, split ends may appear that make your hairstyle fuzzy. Without losing the length of hair, you can trim them to get a near hairstyle.

Split ends appear when your hair is dry. First off, brush your hair section by section to detangle them. Start from one side of the hair and gradually move to the other. Now twist the section of hair tightly, and it’ll reveal split ends. Start twisting your hair from the top and move to the bottom of the strand. Once twisted, use a razor-blade scissor to trim the split ends sticking out of the twisted hair.

Cutting the Curls

Do you have thick and curly hair? Maintaining a neat look with curly hair is often challenging, but you can do this by cutting your curls. All you need to do is section your layers and cut the hair's ends to achieve a neat look.

Cut Layers — Using a Ponytail

Do you want a neat haircut? Achieving the layers is one of the ways to freshen up your haircut. Create a unicorn ponytail at the top of your head near the front hairline. Now, drop your hair in front of you and cut the ends. The sharper you keep the angle, the better looking face-framing layers you’ll get.

Cutting Shoulder-Length Hair

Giving your hair a shoulder-length cut is pretty much similar to achieving a bob cut. To do so, create a section of your hair, secure the sections with hair ties, and bring them to the front. Then, cut the ends using cutting shears. After achieving a shoulder-length haircut, clean up the choppy ends with small cuts.  It will make your hairstyle look clean.

Maintaining A Short Pixie Cut

Do you have a short pixie cut? To make it look elegant as ever, you need to maintain it. The good part is you can do it without making any visit to the salon. All you need to do is part hair evenly, clip hair back tightly, and carefully comb through hair. Then, cut any split ends or rough hairs sticking out of the comb.

Trimming Natural Hair

In between your professional trips to the salon, you need to maintain a neat hairstyle. It might be overwhelming for you to visit the salon after every week for hair trimming. But, you don’t necessarily need to visit a salon for hair trimming when you can do it at your home as well.

Trimming your natural hair is all about detangling your hair and cutting off the split ends.

If it sounds overwhelming work, don’t worry because it’s simpler and easier to work. By trimming your hair at home, you can save a lot of time and money.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Gather the essential cutting supplies and set up space.
  • A simple technique commonly used in trimming hair is the “search & destroy” technique.
  • The other method is the “twist and trims” technique.
  • You can either choose the first one or the second one. The first one requires you to search for split ends in your hair and cut them.
  • The other method requires you to twist your hair from top to bottom and cut the hair sticking out of twisted hair.

By regular trimming, you can maintain a healthy and neat hairstyle.

Cutting Blunt Bob Haircuts

One of the easiest haircuts is bob. It’s easier to cut and modify a bob hairstyle. Bob haircut is given easily to short and straight hair. However, even if you have curly or long hair, you can get a bob cut. It’s easier to cut and maintain a bob cut. If you want to give your hair a blunt bob cut, then follow these steps:

  • Wash and dry your hair; if you have curly or wavy hair, drying is essential
  • By using a comb, divide your hair into 3 sections and secure the sections with hair ties
  • Make sure than the back section sits just at the back of your neck
  • Use cutting shears to cut your hair from just underneath the back ponytail
  • Now cut your side sections in an angled position
  • Depending on the shape you want, cut your hair accordingly

Final Words

We hope that you’ve understood different ways for different haircuts. Following the ways mentioned in this guide, you can give yourself a hairstyle you want and learn the steps properly. Also, use proper cutting supplies to get a perfect cut.

Don’t always cut your hair at home. When you think your hair has grown very rough or long and handling it yourself isn’t a suitable choice, then visit the salon for professional care.


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