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What Do Hairdressers Hate? What Is Annoying Your Hairstylist

If you are planning to be a hairdresser, it is important for you to completely understand the job. For example, you should be aware of the things that would usually annoy you as a hairdresser. This understanding will help you to be ready for the day to day situations that you will come across at work. 

Here are some of the most common reasons that annoy hairdressers. 

Last-minute appointment cancellations 

As a hairdresser, you will have to experience lots of last-minute appointment cancellations. This is something that you can't avoid. That's because your clients have packed work schedules, and they will encounter last-minute changes in their plans. These changes in plans would eventually impact you. Hence, you will have to deal with last-minute appointment cancellations.

Rude clients

The hairdressers will have to deal with rude clients as well. You can’t expect all the clients who walk through your doors to be nice to you. Some of them will be rude, and they will never want to be cooperative when working with you. However, you will still have to offer your services to such clients. When working with such clients, the best thing that you can do is to keep your patience, no matter how frustrating they are. 

Clients who keep on talking on their mobile phones 

While you are working hard as a hairdresser, you are expecting your client to be cooperative. However, you cannot expect your clients to do this in many instances. For example, you will see how your clients are keen on talking on their cell phones. You will not even be able to ask your client to stop using the cell phone as well. The hardest thing you will have to do is cut the hair around your clients' ears. Even though it is a difficult thing to do, you will have to do it.

Clients who are never satisfied with your work 

You might also have to deal with clients who will never be satisfied with the work you offer. Even if you try hard to satisfy some clients, you will figure out that it is challenging to satisfy them by nature. They will rudely say this to your face. Such situations can be disappointing. However, you should try your best to understand the clients' preferences and offer them appropriate services.

Clients who keep on talking 

As a hairdresser, you will also come across clients who will keep on talking. They will talk with you as if they have found a good friend after a long period. They might even expose some of their facts to you. Such conversations can lead you to uncomfortable situations. However, it would help if you still understood that it's the nature of your clients and you can't do much about it. You need to respond only to the questions of the client and just pretend that you are interested in listening to his stories.

Clients who don’t tip well

Last but not least, you will also come across clients who don’t tip well. The usual tip given for a hairdresser is around 15%. On the other hand, a person who washes hair will usually be able to get a tip of around $5. You will get a lower tip, or you might not get a tip at all. 

Be ready to deal with all these types of clients when you are working as a hairdresser. You cannot avoid them, and it will be a part of your job. 

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