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Should You Tip Your Hairdresser? Is It Bad Not To Tip Hairstylists?

Many of us express our gratitude to our hairdressers through a small token of appreciation - a tip. But, there's always a lingering question, "To tip or not to tip?" If you're still unsure, let's demystify this conundrum together.

The Ethics of Tipping: Do You Really Need To?

There's no universal rule insisting on tipping your hairdresser. Yet, it's considered good etiquette. To better understand when, why, and how much to tip, we've prepared a handy guide to navigate the tipping waters.

The Golden Rule of Tipping: How Much Should You Give?

Your hairdresser will never outright ask for a tip - it's a voluntary gesture. A standard rule of thumb, according to CNBC, is to tip around 20% of the total bill. This proportion represents a reasonable acknowledgement of the service provided.

Suppose your hair colouring service costs $100. A 20% tip would amount to $20. However, remember that a salon is a teamwork-driven environment. It's not just the hairdresser at work; assistants often contribute by shampooing or washing your hair. So, ensure to divide your tip amongst everyone involved in your service.

A tip of about $5 to each assistant is customary, depending on the level of service. The complexity and duration of the service can also determine the tip. For instance, if the hairstylist works on your hair for over an hour, consider offering a larger tip as a sign of appreciation.

One common reason for not tipping is the lack of change or cash. Not all salons accept card payments for gratuity. To avoid this, make it a habit to visit an ATM beforehand. Being prepared is key!

Free Services? Still Tip!

Free services, like a bang trim, might seem unworthy of a tip because of their brief duration. But remember, the hairdresser's time and skill are valuable, even if it's just 10 minutes. A tip between $5 to $10 for such services is a kind gesture of gratitude.

Tipping Based on Frequency of Visits

How often you visit your hairdresser can also influence the tipping amount. Infrequent visitors, like those who go every few months, might consider tipping more, say around 30% instead of the usual 20%. This extra show of appreciation can be a pleasant surprise for your stylist.

Remember, tipping isn't just about money. It's a token of appreciation for the time, effort, and skill put into making you look your best. When in doubt, let gratitude guide your tipping etiquette.

Now, to conclude, we'd love to hear from you:

  • What has been your experience with tipping hairdressers?
  • Do you have a standard percentage you tip, or does it vary each time?
  • Have you ever been unsure about whether to tip for a particular service?
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