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Is Being a Hairdresser Stressful? How To Avoid Becoming Burned Out

Working as a hairdresser is never an easy thing to do. You will have to stand on your feet throughout the entire day.

On the other hand, you will have to be friendly and smile with your clients, regardless of all the personal and career-related problems you have. In the meantime, you will have to solve numerous problems of dozens of clients per day.

You will have to give priority to their needs before your own needs. Due to all these reasons, you will have to deal with lots of stress while working as a hairdresser.

How stressful is it to work as a hairdresser?

A hairdresser is one of the most stressful jobs that you have to do. That's because you will have to deal with both physical stress and mental stress.

While you are working for an office, you just have to deal with mental stress. That's because you are provided with a comfortable chair to sit on and work on throughout the day. However, you will not have that luxury while you are working as a hairdresser. You will have to stay on your feet throughout the day.

When you are exposed to such high levels of stress for a more extended period, you will end up with burnout. This will make you want to quit your job as a hairdresser and look for another job. However, we encourage you not to take such quick decisions in life.

Instead, you will need to remain patient and look for opportunities to reduce the chances of burning out.

How to reduce your stress as a hairdresser?

Here are some of the best tips that you can follow to reduce your stress as a hairdresser. The effectiveness of all these tips is proven. Therefore, you don’t need to think twice before you follow them.

Invest in a good quality stool

One of the biggest reasons behind stress is that you will keep working on your feet throughout the day. If you can find a solution for it, you will be able to find relief.

This is where a comfortable stool will be able to help you. After getting a stool, you will be able to remain seated n while serving your clients. Therefore, you will be able to cater to the needs of your clients while ensuring your comfort.

The height-adjustable stool will also help you refrain from numerous pains and injuries you have to face.

Enjoy what you do

You will need to develop a passion for what you are doing as a hairdresser. Then you will be able to fall in love with all the work that you do.

For example, you can feel good about the service you are offering to the clients to make them look beautiful. This will provide a bunch of rewarding experiences to you throughout the entire day. These rewarding experiences can bring mental satisfaction to you.

Ask for help when you are in need

If you come to a level where you can’t handle stress, you can ask for help. You are not alone, and you will not have to deal with the stress on your own.

You can get in touch with someone supportive who can help you to deal with stress. Then you can follow the directions shared by that person and take better control over stress.

These effective tips can help you to keep your stress levels aside and work as a hairdresser. Therefore, you will never have to worry about career burnout.

7 Ways Hairdressers Avoid Burnout & Being Over-Stressed 

Its always easier said than done, but there are ways for hairdressers and barbers to reduce their stress from work. Here are 7 popular steps to overcoming a challenging and stressful hairdressing job.

1. Speak Up About Stress At Work | Reach Out To Others Who Can Listen

Don't suffer in silence. If you're close to getting hair loss, it's time to get your hands up.

If you're employed in the salon, you should speak with your boss. Your boss should be able to make you feel less overwhelmed by altering your schedule or workload.

If you're a salon proprietor, you should ask your employees. You can think about ways to assign specific tasks to your employees so you can have a little time off.

Chat with your family members and your coworkers or friends. Sometimes, just having an old-fashioned conversation with someone you love or a loved one will help you get things in a more positive perspective.

You might also want to talk to a counsellor or another health professional if you don't have a network of support.

2. Rely On Your Colleagues At Work | Build on Workplace Relationships.

Building good relationships with coworkers is essential in a hectic salon. A positive salon culture keeps everyone satisfied and productive.

Make time to engage in fun activities that you can enjoy with colleagues. A quick cup of beverage or coffee after a tiring week allows everyone to reflect and share laughter.

Make sure you address any conflict with colleagues as quickly as possible to prevent any complaints from becoming out of control. To find out how to handle salon disputes effectively.

Teamwork and cooperation can reduce the risk of burnout in salons. A team that is in sync is crucial to ensure that the day runs smoothly. For more information on teamwork in the salon, check out "How to Create a Motivated Salon Team. "

3. Do What You Enjoy At Work | Find Value in Your Work

Remembering the importance of your job can assist in maintaining an improved state of mind. What brought you to the salon business? What were your objectives? Are you achieving your dreams? Do you need to set new goals?

Focus on the aspects of your salon that you are most comfortable with. You might, for instance, enjoy creating a positive experience for your customers. Maybe you're imaginative and love the results of your creative endeavours.

Find positives in your salon's work will help you rekindle your enthusiasm and help prevent burnout at the salon.

4. Create a Work/Life Balance

In order to create your own work/life balance is essential to being content. Is your salon job taking over your life? Are you working gruelling hours? Sure, you'll begin to feel unsatisfied and stressed about your life in this situation.

Take a look at the hobbies, activities, or people who make you feel happy. Find ways to make time for things that you enjoy.

It is important to spend time with your interests. It is vital to keep feeling rejuvenated and fresh.

Spend a few minutes away from every once in a while and enjoy a full day of yourself. You could take a trip to the ocean, read a novel or watch a film or have a relaxing massage. Whatever makes you feel indulged and refreshed.

5. Say "No" More Often | Learn How to Say "No"

Are you a person who is easily pleased? If you're perhaps not the most confident of people and you are constantly answering "Yes" to every request, you could be overwhelmed.

Your coworkers may be more likely to ask you to take care of them or even take on more clients since they know that you'll always answer "Yes".

It's fine to say "No". Allow yourself to become more confident and stop taking on additional tasks.

If you require assistance in learning to say "No" If you need help learning to say "No,"

6. Stop being a hairdresser for a short period

You can take a break from working as a hairdresser and take a break and relax. Begin a new activity, focus on something that will take your mind off of work.

Being available 24/7 is exhausting. Constantly checking your email, answering calls or texts, and updating social media accounts can consume much of the day and night.

Set some limits on your use of technology. Set a specific time each day to completely unplug. Lunchtimes are a great moment to disconnect. What's the longest since you had a meal or lunch in peace and not receiving notifications from your smartphone?

Being present is difficult when you are bombarded by messages or notifications. Unplug your smartphone or tablet and start to be present fully. Your brain will be grateful for it.

7. Take Care of Yourself.

Self-care is taking care of yourself so that you can function at your maximum potential. If you don't take proper care of your body and mind, your health will suffer, as will your performance at the salon.

Here are some suggestions on how to look after yourself

  • Make sure you have a routine for sleeping
  • Make sure you have regular health and dental check-ups
  • Do your daily exercise
  • Develop healthy eating habits
  • Take time to meditate, attend to or other religious or spiritual requirements
  • Make sure you take regular vacations
  • Enjoy and have a laugh whenever you can.

Self-care is an important thing to do. A healthy lifestyle can help you avoid burnout in salons and help keep your energy level up.

Conclusion: How to avoid being stressed as a hairdresser

 Salon burnout is a problem that happens to other people and not to you, indeed? But it can happen to anyone who is too strongly with work that they cannot find an equilibrium between work and their life in general. What caused you to be exhausted?

Repetition of the same mentality repeatedly made every new day wholly predictable and boring. Was that the joy that you felt? Was it just some months ago? You were so excited about the latest trends, attending the classes and getting the buzz.

A few telltale signs?

You don't seem to have the traditional morning routine. You seem to be working hard to do your job, or perhaps your workplace is an island where you stay to yourself and do not interact with the other employees.

When you're done with your day, you walk out without saying thank you to anyone.

What happened? Do you remember starting with no clients, funds being scarce, the pickings were limited?

You put in a lot of effort to create your business. I owe my respects to you for establishing an audience in today's highly market.

One day, you succeeded, but your clients became your entire life, and you're not able to take a step back. You might have backed yourself into a corner, but your cash flow is now there.

And, after all that laborious work, you're not going to give a cent, not even a second there's not a single client.
What do you do now?

Now, you concentrate on restoring equilibrium between work and your goals, needs and your personal life. Your health is your top priority to make sure you have a long-lasting and productive career. 

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