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What Should You Do When Your Hairdresser Ruins Your Hair?

When a Hairdresser Ruins Your Hair

Did your hairdresser mess up your hair? Are you left wondering what you can do if a hairdresser ruins your hair? The reaction can be tricky because one does not want to sound too rude if their hair is messed up, nor does one want to end it in a fight with no solution. No worries! In this article, we shall guide you through the process of what should be done if your hair ger ruined.

What to do if a Hairdresser ruins your hair? 

Here are some things that can be done if a hairdresser ruins your hair. Proceed as follows:

  • Keep your composure

When in a crisis, the first thing you have to ensure is to keep your composure. That means you have to be able to remain in your consciousness, you have to calm your anger down, and you have to deeply introspect about what will happen if you blurt out right here.

It would be best if you waited a while before you plan your reaction. Doing something based on your instinct is not a good thing to do, and it will create more problems instead of solving the ones that already exist.

  • Do not be mean to the hairdresser.

You have to make sure you are not mean to the hairdresser. They may be new to this job, or if they are not, they may have a lot going on in their personal lives, and we should not make their struggle harder for them.

  • Lodge a complaint to the salon manager

If they are an employee, you should go to the manager or the management of the salon and complain about your ruined hair. The salon will review whatever happened and provide you with invoices and services accordingly.

  • Ask for a refund

It would help if you asked for a refund from the salon. If your hair is ruined, it is your right to demand a refund from the salon. However, if the mess up is not apparent, the salon may oppose this.

  • Ask for a cover-up, so you do not look odd.

Now that your hair is messed up, you need to do something to cover up, so your hair does not look odd. For that, you can ask the salon management or your hairdresser to do something to cover it up and give you a new hairstyle.

  • Decide if you will go there again or not.

You have to make a decision now if you want to go there again or not. It will depend on the response of the salon management and your personal relationship with them.

Final Thoughts

Now you understand what to do if a hairdresser ruins your hair; hopefully, you will have no problem dealing with your hairdresser. You need to remember that if you have been with someone for a long time, they were probably going through something, and it is good to give them some space and another chance. However, if the hairdresser is a new one, you can always change one without any problem.

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