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Is Being A Hairdresser Or Barber Hard On Your Body?

As you already know, working as a hairstylist or barber will not be easy. That's because you will have to stand on your feet most of the time. It will not be a job that you can sit down and do. Due to the same reason, a person who wants to become a hairstylist or barber would wonder how hard this job would be on the body. We thought of quickly analysing how hard it is to work as a hairstylist or barber. You can go through these facts and educate yourself on what work conditions you will be provided with. However, there is no need to worry about anything because we will also share some useful tips to follow and reduce the pain that you have to go through. 

Common health issues that you have to face while working as a hairstylist or barber 

There are some common health issues that every hairstylist or hairstylist will have to face. You need to understand that not just your feet are at risk when working as a hairstylist or barber. Your entire body will be at risk. 

The back pair is one of the most common health issues you have to face when working as a hairstylist or barber. More than 60% of the hairdressers out there say that they have to deal with back pain regularly. Then you will see how the hairdressers are dealing with problems related to the neck and shoulders. 

You will have to experience pain in your feet while you work as a hairstylist as well. If you are standing on hard concrete floors, this is not something that you can avoid. As a hairstylist, you will have to perform intricate and repetitive tasks throughout the day while standing on your feet. This is the main reason why you are subjected to such a large number of health issues.

A hairstylist or barber will not just have to deal with physical health issues. A typical hairstylist or barber will come across numerous mental health issues as well. Hence, we encourage you to take a look at them as well. For example, you will have to deal with the pressure and stress that you are getting from the clients. All the clients who come to get your services will not be nice. You will have to deal with rude and non-satisfiable clients as well. However, we strongly encourage you not to get disappointed while you work with such clients. Just keep in mind that it is a part of the work that you have to do. While you keep that in mind, you will offer your services as a hairstylist to clients. 

How to minimise health risks? 

Now you have a clear understanding of the health risks you have to face when working as a hairstylist. However, it would be best if you didn’t allow these health risks to keep you away from working as a hairstylist or barber. There are some tips that you can follow to minimise your chances of getting them.

You can think about using an anti-fatigue mat that is made out of rubber for cushioning. Along with that, you can also get a stool. Then you can avoid pains that you are getting in your feet and back. Whenever you need to bend, you need to sit on the stool. Make sure that your seat is in a position to help you distribute the overall body weight perfectly.

You can also wear supportive shoes to avoid pain in the legs. Make sure that you don’t get shoes with heels. Instead, wear shoes that have a flat bottom. You can get some orthotics and insoles into the shoes you wear as well. 

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