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How Much Do Celebrity Hairdressers Make?

Along with a few years of experience and the right contacts, you can become a celebrity hairdresser as well. If that is the ultimate goal in your career, you will be interested in learning more about celebrity hairdressers' amount of money. The figures you see will motivate you to achieve that goal you want in your career as well.

Salary of a celebrity hairdresser

A celebrity hairdresser would usually have around 10 years of experience. Along with that experience, he will be in a position to attract the best celebrities in the industry to get the services. Celebrities don’t pay the same rate to their hairdressers as ordinary clients. They tend to spend lots of money on their hairdressers for keeping them beautiful.

On average, a celebrity hairdresser will be able to earn around $500 to $5,00 per day. If you can become a top-level celebrity hairdresser, who is working for the celebrities that appear on music videos, TV shows, and fashion shoots, you will be able to earn more than $5,000 per day. No matter what, a celebrity hairdresser can easily earn over $100,000 per year. Therefore, the idea of becoming a celebrity hairdresser is not so bad.

Experience needed to become a celebrity hairdresser

You should have at least 10 years of experience to become a celebrity hairdresser. That’s because you will be able to learn numerous things with the experience you gather while working in the industry. The knowledge and skills you gather during the 10 year period will assist you in offering a perfect service to all your clients. Hence, you will be able to impress the celebrities that obtain your services.

However, extremely talented people who pick up things pretty quickly can become celebrity hairdressers without even having 10 years of experience. Your creativity levels will also help you to become a celebrity hairdresser within the shortest possible time.

Education needed to become a celebrity hairdresser

There are some education requirements that you should fulfill to start working as a celebrity hairdresser as well. for example, if you have a related degree, you will be able to increase your chances of attracting more celebrity clients. That’s because you can set yourself apart from the other hairdressers out there.

Another good investment that you can make is to obtain your cosmetology license. You can attend a beauty school or a cosmetology school to obtain this license. Or else, you can also think about obtaining a fine arts degree. This will help you to offer better services to the clients.

The ability you have to set yourself apart from other hairdressers will increase your overall chances of attracting more celebrities.

Best career opportunities to work as a celebrity hairdresser

There are numerous career opportunities available for you to consider while you are working as a celebrity hairdresser. A celebrity will usually have multiple hairdressers. These hairdressers specialize in different areas. This is where you should pick a career related to one of those areas and specialize in it. This will increase your chances of finding better opportunities in working as a celebrity hairdresser.

For example, you will be able to work as a hair extensions assistant, assistant hairdresser, or a senior hairdresser. You will also be able to work as a hair masters manager based on the skills. Or else, it is possible for you to specialize in hair care products.

No matter what, any person who wants to become a celebrity hairdresser should keep on learning and gathering skills. This can deliver the best returns to you in the long run.

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