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What are the disadvantages of being a barber?


Being a barber is an excellent career choice for someone who loves cutting hair and enjoys chatting with different people. Ever since men grew a sense of style, they have been visiting barbers to maintain their beards and hairstyles. 

They were also considered an essential part of the community as barbershops are always filled with lively conversation. 

But, as we all know, every coin has two sides, so does barber jobs too; it has some advantages as well as disadvantages. Today, we will discuss some disadvantages of being a barber that outweigh the positives, so people end up quitting this prestigious profession.

Disadvantages of Being a Barber

Let’s sit back and comprehend the disadvantages of being a barber and understand the reasons why people quit being a barber: 

Hard Work on Quite Less Pay

Barbers already used to earn relatively less. And, with the number of customers decreasing every day, they are more in a critical financial situation than ever. A considerable part of their earnings depends on tips. So, barbers must go above and beyond to satisfy their customer’s needs to keep returning business. Since it is a privately owned business, there is no overall chance benefits provided to staff are at a minimum; with plenty of barbers simply renting a chair or getting paid on commission.

No passion and progress

Few of the barbers realize way too late that barbering isn’t their thing for real. Staying in a career that doesn’t satisfy us is hard to take for longer. Also, when there is no passion, you feel more stressed and exhausted.  

High Maintenance Clients

Barbers are bound to come across some high maintenance clients who find it amusing to criticize your trade. Even if you have provided them with the exact result of what they asked, they will still find a way to find fault in you. To keep them on your client list, you need to listen to them and do as they ask, even if you have to put more time into them. This might be acceptable to some barbers, but others do not put up with it and opt to lose the customer.

Keeping up with modern trends

Barbers always must be aware of the trends around them as they tend to change overnight. Whenever there is a new hairstyle, everyone wants to get that. And it will not matter how many hours they put into learning the last one, now they must start from scratch to learn the latest. This does not happen seldom; barbers need to deal with such situations daily, which is quite challenging.

Building up the client list

Whenever a barber is new to a neighbourhood, he has to face a lot of difficulty in the start. Usually, when someone finds a good barber, they tend to stick with them till one of them dies. So, it takes a tremendous amount of effort and time to attract customers to his place. And if he is not able to impress them on the first try, chances are they will never come back to his shop.

Must be quick on their feet

Even now, in some neighbourhoods, barbershops are a place for people to sit and have a chat. With so many people in his shop chatting on various topics, he cannot afford to indulge himself in any conversation as it may distract him from his task and mess up the client’s haircut.

No room for error

For barbers, there is not even a little room for error. Because even if he makes a single wrong cut, he could either hurt the client or even worse, mess up their hairstyle. And there is no coming back from that.


There are various advantages of being a barber too, like meeting new peoples, helping people look better, but by weighing the pros and cons of being a barber, the cons take the lead. So, if you are planning to be a barber, you better choose another profession, giving you a better chance of success.


  • Being promoted is not really a thing so having to work with a somewhat low pay is a bit demotivating, especially when your boss is not one to give raises. Besides quitting or starting up my own business there are really no other valid options here. Add to this lousy tips and an overall feel of being unaccomplished and you get my current turmoil.



  • Wow, people really entered the chat room here haha! My one pet peeve is people who decided to stop by five minutes before closing time. And I’m not talking about people that just discovered my barbershop, I’m talking about regular clients. Dude, you know how hard it is for me to give you the exact trim you want…



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