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How To Cut Men’s Hair Like A Barber?

The idea of cutting your own hair or even your loved one's hair might feel just like a novel.

However, since heading to a regular barbershop for those weekly shape ups or a trim is temporarily not possible, it is quite evident for you to take clippers into your own hands.

With thousands of hair cutting tools available for you in the market right now, you can really try out to act as a barber for a day. In case you require a cut right now or if you want to help your roommate you can read on to know about the best tips from our experts.

There are several haircut types and tools available, here are all the pros and cons that you should know before you turn your washroom into a barbershop.

How To Cut Men’s Hair?

Basic Haircut With Clippers

This is probably the easiest type of haircut to conduct by yourself. In order to complete it all you need is a pair of clippers along with guards.

The main focus of this is to go all over your head gently in order to get a uniform cut.

You must always stay focused by keeping your clippers parallel to the natural curves of your head. Also, don’t forget to lube your blades with the help of a lightweight oil in order to make the process smoother.

Trimming Hair

Cutting men's hair

Remember long hair requires basic pairs of hair cutting shears. For achieving this type of haircut all you need to do is to look at the lines that you have received from your last cut.

You always need to clean them up by trimming some lengths of it. While you are conducting this process remember to become cautious while removing lengths especially when you cut it wet.

How To Hold Scissors?

Learning how to hold your scissors

Remember if you aren’t holding your shears properly you are surely going to regret it. While you are going to dress your own hair, you need to use the proper grip technique of your scissors for several reasons.

The best way of holding scissors is to insert the thumb in the larger part of the two-finger holes and then put your ring finger into the smaller one with the tang attachment.

Then you need to put your index and your middle fingers on the scissors arm both in front and the back of the finger hole and also behind the blades.

Tips And Advice: What To Do And What Not To Do While Cutting Hair

Here are a few tips and advice that you need to follow while cutting your hair.

  • Try getting your right clippers in order to cut your hair.
  • Make use of a dual mirror setup for your haircut.
  • Always cut your hair in your washroom.
  • Always have your hair tools ready.
  • Never forget to dampen your hair before the cut.
  • Always get into the right position in order to cut your hair properly.

Remember a nice looking haircut can give you a big difference in your overall style statement. However, if you are doing it all by yourself, make sure you take care of all the needed safety requirements before you start the process.

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