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Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor Review

Straight razors have been one of the most prominent men and women shave throughout our history. Although straight razors are not the norm today, it is still a very good option, especially if you are considering Feather SS Japanese straight razor. In our Feather straight razor review, we shall first discuss this product’s features, then its benefits and potential downsides, to give our readers a clearer picture.

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Key Features of Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor:

The specifics of this razor make it unlike other razors in the market, which includes other straight razors. This Japanese build is designed to perfection for customer satisfaction. Its features are as follows:

Updated version of traditional straight razors

Although it is regarded as a straight razor, it is fundamentally a little different. Traditional razors had a full metal body and the shave was not configured to meet modern requirements. You can consider it a hybrid between traditional and modern razors.

Silicon body handle

The handle of this product is made up of silicon and is designed in a way that gives you comfortable and easy handling.

Provides a close and clean shave

Unlike modern razors, these give a closer shave with only one attempt. Once you are done, it would seem like hair never existed on that part.

Top Benefits of Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor:

You shall see ahead in this Feather straight razor review that the benefits are much more than one can imagine. They cover a lot of domains, both at individual and commercial levels:

It gives a smooth look

One of the primary complaints of youngsters today is that their razors or machines do not give a clean shave.

  • In other words, the essence of the beard remains, and hair is not removed closer to the skin. With this razor, that is not the case.
  • This razor gets as close as one can get, thanks to its thin blade, and gives a clean shave.

Excessive shaving creams not required

Unlike disposable razors of today, you do not require a lot of shaving cream on your beard or hair to remove them if you’re using Feather straight razor. In some cases, you may not require it at all.

Good for the environment’s sustainability

If used properly, they go a long way. This contributes to environmental sustainability because you may have to dump a lot of other brands of razors, and that may significantly increase the size of landfills if seen at a bigger spectrum (i.e., many people use them).

Saves more money

This benefit follows from the previous one. Since you use this razor for longer, it saves more money in the long run, although individual razors may be expensive.

New blade for every shave

You change the blade with every shape, unlike some other types of blades. This ensures better hygiene and keeps you safe from diseases.

Final Thoughts

Feather straight razor review shows us that this is a very feasible option that we must all try at least once. Although such blades are harder to use, once you get a hang of them, your life becomes easier.

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