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Can you use regular shaving cream with a straight razor?

It would be best if you did not use regular canned shaving cream with a straight razor as it does not have true lather.

The true lather is when you get a nice frothy handful of bubbly soap when mixed with water. The lather is perfect for shaving, especially with straight razors.

To create true lather that's suitable for straight razors, you need a shaving brush, soap or cream and water. 

Lather has a higher water content than the canned foam, so true lather will create a more comfortable cushion as you glide your straight razor.

The worst shave would be with a straight razor and canned regular shaving cream. The best shave would be with soap or cream and lather with a straight razor.

It doesn't take long to make true lather from shaving cream or soap, it feels amazing and makes the overall shaving experience with a straight razor more pleasant.

If you are serious enough to switch from a cartridge razor or double edge razor to a straight razor, then I recommend you learn how to create true lather from shaving cream or soap.

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