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Can You Use A Straight Razor On Yourself?

Finding a good barber near your home or workplace is not always easy. So, if you are looking for options, then you'll be glad to know that you can actually use a straight razor on yourself.

Ultimately, it will only be a matter of gathering the materials you need as well as practice to ensure that you avoid cuts. So, let's get started!

All you need to start using a straight razor is a straight razor, warm water, shaving cream, and a mirror to watch yourself.

How To Use A Straight Razor On Yourself

How to shave your own beard with a straight razor

As soon as you have everything you need near you, it's time to get started.

Step 1: Prepare your face and beard

The first step is, obviously, preparing your beard.

To ensure that you open up your pores and soften whiskers, you can take a hot shower or simply wash your face for about 5 minutes. Notice that this should be done with hot water.

In case you prefer, you can also wrap a small towel soaked in hot water around your face. When the towel is cold, you should then use an exfoliate or cleaner in the beard area.

Step 2: Use shaving soap

How to create shaving cream, soap with good lather at home

Just dampen your face with water. Now it's time to prepare the shaving cream, soap or some shaving product to assist with the shave.

Pro tip: using can shaving cream isn't as good as shaving soap as you need to mix it with water to create good lather. The good lather create from soap and water gives a better cushion while shaving with a straight razor.

One of the things you should do is to soften the bristles of your brush by soaking it in hot water for a couple of minutes. Then, get rid of the excess water and place the shaving cream on your shaving mug. One of the things you should do before you apply it to your face is to stir it to make it thicker.

As you apply it to your face, you should use circular motions over your beard to ensure that you cover all hairs.

Step 3: Start shaving with the straight razor

It's finally the time to pick your straight razor and start using it.

You should make sure that you hold the blade at a 30 degrees angle to your skin. Notice that the sharp part of the blade should be pointing downward at your skin, and the handle should be out near your nose.

When using a straight razor, you should always use your free hand to pull on your skin, so it becomes smoother and flatter.

To get a smoother shave, you need to shave in the direction of the grain of the hair and never against it.

Step 4: Make sure you get a smooth and close shave

To ensure that you get the smoothest shave, you should go over the same area 3 times. Besides, you should add more shaving cream if needed. After all, when you maintain your facial follicles moisturised, the razor will glide better.

Step 5: Rinse your face with cold water

As soon as you're done with your shaving, you should wash your face with cold water to close the pores. In case you want, you can apply aftershave as well to reduce irritation.

One of the things you should keep in mind is that you should avoid rubbing. Instead, you should pat your skin.

Step 6: Clean and dry your straight razor

While this isn't really a part of the shaving process, it is important that you clean and maintains your razor in perfect condition.

To clean the razor you simply need a paper towel or cloth, hot water, rubbing alcohol (optional), and a place to dry it afterwards.

After using a straight razor on yourself, you might think that its enough for a quick rinse. But to maintain the straight razor so that it keeps cutting for years, take two minutes to clean it after each use.

Mix soap and hot water, shake the straight razor in the soapy hot water, then take the paper towel and dry the straight razor.

If you want to sterilise the straight razor, than take a few drops of alcohol sanitiser or rubbing alcohol and put it on the paper towel. Lightly rub the alcohol on the paper towel against the blade.

So, as soon as your shaving process is complete, you need to wipe off the blade with a soft cloth to remove all moisture. When you don't do this, it may rust.

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