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8 Must-Have Tools A Barber Needs

There's no question that being a barber is undoubtedly a creative job that allows you to express yourself. While a lot of men already know how they like their hair to look like, others will ask for your opinion. No matter what happens, you'll be improving not only people's looks but also their confidence. 

As a barber, there are many different tools that you need to perform a good job. While some are considered more like "add-ons", there are 8 must-have tools that all barbers need. 

8 Must-Have Tools A Barber Needs 

Barber with a client discussing hair tools

1. Electric Clipper And Trimmer

An electric clipper and trimmer are certainly essential tools for any barber. No matter if you need to create sharp edges along with the beard and sideburns or if you need to deliver a sharp look for those who prefer a bit longer hair, these are must-have tools.  

2. Straight Razor

As a barber, you know that not all electric clippers, scissors, or trimmers can do all cuts or fine lines. After all, some need a more precise tool such as a straight razor. 

In most cases, you will need to use a straight razor to clean the back of the neck, but you can also use t to add a bit more texture in the hair to add volume.  

3. Barber Cape

When someone visits your salon, you don't want your customer leaving with hairs spread all over his clothing. But even worse, you don't want your customer to spend the rest of the day with tine hairs on his body. So, you want to ensure that you protect him using a barber cape. 

When buying a barber cape, you need to ensure that you buy one that adjusts different neck sizes and types. 

4. Nose Trimmer

While you may occasionally see a barber who doesn't have a nose trimmer, we believe that this is one must-have tool. 

The truth is that many men enjoy being pampered and this is one of the things you can do. After all, having perfectly trimmed nose hairs can definitely improve a man's appearance. 

5. Hair Cutting And Thinning Scissors

When most people think of a barber, they immediately think about getting a haircut. Well, for this you obviously need hair cutting and thinning scissors. 

So, in what concerns to hair cutting and thinning scissors, you want to ensure that they are sharp and reliable. 

6. Disinfectant And Cleaners

A good barber will have many customers every single day. So, you want to ensure that all your scissors, combs, and brushes are perfectly sanitary and cleaned regularly. 

From the barbicide you use to put your combs and shears between clients to a sterilizer for your equipment, disinfecting your tools of the trade are essential. 

7. Hair Combs

Well, hair combs are also a must-have tool for any barber. After all, how can you make sure you're doing a good job cutting the hair of your customer if you don't have a comb to tidy up the strands of hair? 

Notice that a comb isn't merely enough. You should have a couple of combs in different sizes. Just to give you an idea, their size can vary between 4 or 5 inches up to 12 inches. 

8. Blow Dryer

While blow dryers are a must in women's salons and spas, we can't say the same is true for barbershops. However, we believe they are a must-have tool as well mainly if you include services such as washing and shampooing. 

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