Jaguar Ionic 9 Piece Comb Set With Case

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    Comb Set 9 Different Comb Models
    Properties Ionic, Releases Ions for Healthy Shine, Antibacterial
    Colour Black, Purple, Turquoise, Pink, Mint and Rose
    Material High Quality Plastic
    Resistance Heat and Chemical Resistant


    The Jaguar Ionic 9 Piece Comb Set With Case is a comprehensive set of professional-grade combs designed to cater to all your hair styling needs. Crafted with high-quality plastic, these ionic combs release ions during combing, promoting hair's moisture absorption and imparting a healthy shine.

    The set features four cutting combs of different sizes, two tail combs, a universal comb, a handle comb, and a form comb. Each comb is heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, and features rounded teeth edges for a kind, smooth glide through the hair and scalp.

    Packed in a handy and attractive case, these combs are easily accessible and secure. These combs are also antistatic, preventing your hair from taking on an additional charge during use.

    With Jaguar's legacy of superior quality and durability, this comb set is an excellent choice for both professional salon use and personal hair care routines.

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