How Often Should You Replace Hair Scissors?

When you first receive a new pair of Shears they are as sharp as they will ever be. You can keep sharpening your scissors, but at what point do you need to replace your hairdressing scissors?

Hairdressing scissors can last between two to five years on average. Cheaper scissors last one to two years. More expensive Japanese scissors often last five or more years before replacing.

Hairdressers and barbers always maintain their scissors, so that each day they perform as well as the last.

It's hard to estimate how often you need to sharpen or replace your hair scissors.

We have interviewed sharpeners, scissor manufacturers and hair professionals across Australia and the USA to bring you the best answer available. 

Here is a list of Scissors and their materials that show how often you need to replace your shears.

 Scissor Material Maintenance Lifespan
Chinese Steel Every three months Replace in six to twelve months
Stainless Steel (53-55 HRC) Every two to four months Replace in one to two years
Japanese 440C Steel Every two to three months Replace in three to five years
Japanese Cobalt Steel  Every three months Replace in five or more years
German Chromium Steel Every two to four months Replace in two to four years
VG10 Steel Every three months Replace in five to seven years


Hairdressing scissors overall need to be replaced every two to four years. If you buy cheaper hair scissors or so not maintain your shears regularly, then you can expect to replace your scissors sooner. 

Japanese hairdressing and barber Shears last longer than any other types of scissors, but consistent and regular maintenance will keep these lasting for two to three times longer. 

Don't forget to oil, clean and tighten your scissors regularly for the best performance and longest use.

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