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Can You Use Thinning Scissors On Your Fringe (Bangs)?

Your first step to a great cut is to visit your stylist. Sometimes life can get in the way. There are many stylists who offer free haircuts. However, if yours isn't working or you can't make it to the salon every two week to clean the bangs then I recommend this (seriously).

Thinning shears are different than regular shears. Because they have smaller teeth, you will need to make more cuts. They are primarily used to blend. You can cut the top layer using scissors, and then blend it with the thinning sharrs. This is possible but requires more skill. You don't have to be a pro at DIY bang trimmings yet. Instead, take it slow and use the thinning shears for the top.

Cut Your Own Fringe at Home

Although it is best to have your hair done by professionals, there are many videos and clever techniques that can be used at home to cut your fringe.

You can thin your hair at home or in the salon using a variety of DIY methods.

Thinning hair (The Good Kind).

If you have a pair of scissors that can be used to trim your fringe, pulling them through the bottom of your fringe will reduce the bulk and make it easier to maintain.

These are the three methods that can help you create natural fringes, light or heavy. You are welcome.

For cutting bangs, kitchen scissors, nail scissors, and office scissors do not work. Look for a pair to cut bangs at home before you start cutting them. Hair cutting scissors A pair of Hair thinning scissors It is possible. They don't have to be extravagant or creative.

  1. ONLY DRY HAIR. Don't cut hair in damp or wet barrels. You will have problems if they spring back when it is dry. Section them first.

    Don't try to make your hair look different. This is easiest if you hold your hair up in a loose ponytail and lean on it. Your hair should fall straight in front of you. As shown in the photo, clean the area with a comb.

  2. Tie your hair up in a bun so you don't accidentally cut it.

  3. Soften your strokes and style, just like you would every day. Determine how deep your explosions are to divide them horizontally into two sections.

    You just need to start with the lower half. You can always fix any mistakes in the lower half.

  4.  In photo 5, you can see how the strip is divided horizontally.

  5. Wrap a piece of cloth or a napkin around the section to prevent dents and wrinkles.

    It should look this way! Make sure the clips don't fall by using a strong clip.

  6. The guide is shown in the photo # 8. To be certain, keep your forehead just below the chin. You can "chop" the bangs or use hair scissors to do so. The point cuts extend the line and allows for some error. A blunt cut (which is simply cutting in a straight line) does not work well when it comes to trimming your bangs.

  7. I like to take short breaks while I comb the bangs side to side. This will allow you to see the hair in a natural state. It is possible to flatten your hair too much by reducing the style of your hair.

  8. If they are shorter or longer than desired, you can see the top section.

  9. Fluffly comb so that you can see the bottom through the top section. Use it as a guide.

  10. Now we will use the thinning scissors. Take small sections of the upper section, and then reduce them with the thinning cutters. Side note: Thinning scissors are different than normal scissors. Because they have smaller teeth, you will need to make several cuts.

Mixing is the main purpose of this tool. You can cut off the top layer using scissors, and then use scissors to mix them. This is possible, but requires more skill. You can take your time and use scissors to thin the top if you're not proficient in do-it-yourself cutting.

Photos 12 + 13 show how it was done. The upper section gradually merges with the lower one, without looking as smooth as the first grade. No first-degree offenses! Additionally, I recommend that you leave the sides a bit more.

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