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What Happens When You Scrape Your Hair with Scissors?

What Happens When You Scrape Your Hair with Scissors?

You may have seen the scrape test commonly being performed in different saloons. It became an effective trend after a video was uploaded on Instagram where the hairdresser was scraping her client’s hair with scissors, and a build-up of wax was showing. It was because of the long-term usage of cheap shampoo that was in that shampoo. Well, there is a lot more detail to go in here, which would be this article's purpose.

This is what happens when you scrape your hair with scissors:

A few things happen as the result of scraping hair with scissors, which are both intended or others that are not intended. Nevertheless, here are a few things that happen:

It will help you find out the quality of your shampoo.

If you are using a shampoo that is of poor quality or contains certain inappropriate ingredients, you will notice that there is wax on your hair when you scrape your hair (or get them scraped) using scissors. 

  • However, if the shampoo you use is not of cheap quality, you will not see such a build-up. 
  • This result will help you determine if you are using a good quality shampoo or if you are not.

You may see a wax build upcoming on the scissors’ blade

This particular aspect has partly been discussed in the previous section; however, it is worth going into detail. 

  • If the wax is present in your hair, the wax will build upon the scissors, and if it is not, it will not build up. 
  • As you scrape off the hair, the wax will fall, and their pieces will collect over the scissors’ blades.

It may damage the hair if it is done too hard.

Scraping should be done very softly and carefully. If you press in too hard during the scraping, you will see that it will result in hair scratching. This will potentially damage your hair by disintegrating them or causing a semi breakage. But if you do it carefully, such a problem will not occur if the doer of this deed does it softly or adequately.

Your hair could potentially start failing.

While pressing in hard may cause the hair to damage, if you do it wrong, you will pull the hair from the roots. And if you pull hard enough or the hair is too weak, it may break the hair. That would cause you a lot of agonies.

Final Thoughts

If you do the scraping carefully, you do not have to worry about the bad things that will come of scraping, like the hair fall and damage. Moreover, you should give the scraping test a try because it will reveal if you should use your current shampoo or not. If the wax indeed does build upon the scissors, you should discontinue your use of shampoo or conditioners immediately.

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