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The Best Haircut Scissors

The most popular type of scissors are for haircuts. Made from high-quality steel, each pair has a uniquely designed and ultra-sharp blade that allows you to perform haircuts without damaging hair or causing split-ends.

In this article, we will look at the best haircut scissors based on price, value, brand reputation and overall quality that are available online!

Let's jump right into it!


What Are Haircut Scissors?

There are many different types of scissors available online, and sometimes this makes shopping more challenging. A haircut scissor is different from all other types due to the handle and blades that are designed for haircutting.

One of the most common risks and injuries in a salon or barbershop is repetitive strain injury (RSI). This is caused by using poorly design or uncomfortable scissor handles while cutting hair all day.

Haircut scissor blades have a unique sharpness that make cut and slice through hair effortlessly. Compared to regular scissors, scissors made for haircuts have a uniquely sharp blade that does not damage hair strands or cause split-ends.

If you use regular scissors to cut hair, the blades tend to tear and pull your hair. Haircut scissors effortlessly slice through with surgical precision to avoid damaging any of your hair strands.

Quick Summary For The Best Haircut Scissors

Each pair of haircut scissors have been chosen based on their top-selling, brand reputable, best value and quality! Buy with confidence with a pair of haircut scissors that has hairdressers and barbers all over the world satisfied!

Timeless Haircut Scissor Set Timeless Haircut Scissors Set
  • Complete Scissor Set
  • Offset Ergonomics
  • Hand Adjustable Tension
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Jaguar Jay 2 Haircut Scissor Jaguar Jay 2 Haircut Scissor
  • German Chrome Steel
  • Best value for money
  • Offset ergonomics to reduce fatigue
View Product →
Mina Umi Haircut Scissor Mina Umi Haircut Scissor
  • Stainless Steel
  • Flat Edge Blade
  • Offset Ergonomics
View Product →
Juntetsu Offset Haircut Scissor Juntetsu Haircut Scissor
  • Japanese Steel
  • Convex Edge Blade
  • Offset Ergonomics
View Product →
Yasaka Offset Haircut Scissor Yasaka Offset Haircut Scissor
  • Japanese Steel
  • Convex Edge Blade
  • Offset Ergonomics
View Product →
Ichiro Offset Haircut Scissor Ichiro Offset Haircut Scissor
  • Premium Steel
  • Convex Edge Blade
  • Offset Ergonomics
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Kamisori Sword Haircut Scissor Kamisori Sword
  • Premium Steel
  • Barber Blade
  • Offset Ergonomics
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Ichiro Rose Gold Haircut Scissor Ichiro Rose Gold Scissor
  • Rose Gold Design
  • Premium Steel
  • Sharp Convex Edge
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Juntetsu Night Black Haircut Scissor Juntetsu Night Haircut Scissor
  • Polished Black Design
  • Sharp Convex Edge Blade
  • Lightweight ergonomics
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Best Pink Haircut Scissor Jaguar Pink Haircut Scissor
  • Pink Colour Coating
  • German Micro Serration Blade
  • Lightweight ergonomics
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The Top 10 Best Haircut Scissors For Sale

1. Mina Timeless Scissor Set 

Mina Timeless haircut scissor set

  Mina produces great quality haircut scissors for apprentices, home-use and professionals. The Timeless set is the most popular scissors for haircuts.

The haircut scissors are made to style and trim all types of hair. Find out why so many hairdressers are buying a new scissor set from Mina.
This set includes a leather scissor case, combs, maintenance kit and more!


  • ✔️ Complete Haircut Set
  • ✔️ Sharp Flat Edge Blade
  • ✔️ Plenty of Extras!
  • ✔️ Great Quality!


  •  Limited to one colour

2. Jaguar Jay 2 Haircut Scissors

Jaguar Jay 2 Haircut Scissor

Jaguar is a popular German Scissor Brand and their most popular haircut scissor model is the Jay2. The Jay 2 haircut scissor is perfect for all types of haircutting, hair and techniques.

If you are look for the perfect all-rounder haircut scissors at an affordable price, then the Jaguar Jay 2 is your best choice!


  • ✔️ Affordable Haircut Scissors
  • ✔️ Bevel Edge Cutting Blade
  • ✔️ All-Rounder design


  •  Simple design


3. Mina Umi Haircut Scissor

Mina Umi scissor for haircuts

  Mina Umi is the best selling scissors for haircuts. Made from stainless steel and designed for effortless haircutting, the Umi haircut scissors are the best value and most affordable pair.


Whether you are a home hairdressing enthusiast, a professional barber or an apprentice, the Umi haircut scissor is a great addition to any collection.


  • ✔️ Various Sizes
  • ✔️ Stainless Steel
  • ✔️ All-Rounder Haircut Scissors


  •  May require sharpening more often if used everyday
  • ❌ Only available with blue jewel

4. Juntetsu Haircut Offset Scissors

 Juntetsu professional haircut scissors with an offset handle

Juntetsu produces premium haircut scissors for professionals all across the world. Famous for their high-quality craftsmanship and simple design, the Juntetsu Offset Haircut Scissors are their most popular model.

Juntetsu haircut scissors are perfect for professional barbershops, salons, cosmetology and more! Find out why professionals choose Juntetsu for their haircut scissors.



  • ✔️ Japanese Steel
  • ✔️ Sharp Convex Edge Blades
  • ✔️ Offset Ergonomics
  • ✔️ Best Value Professional Haircut Scissor!


  •  Only available in right handed



5. Yasaka Haircut Offset Scissor

Yasaka offset ergonomic haircut scissor

Yasaka produces high-quality haircut scissors from Japanese steel. Famous for their simple and lightweight designs, the most popular haircut scissor from Yasaka is the Offset model.

These Yasaka scissors are perfect for professional haircutting at your salon, barbershop or any similar environment.



  • ✔️ Slice Cutting Blade
  • ✔️ Lightweight Ergonomic Design
  • ✔️ Japanese Steel


  •  1 Year Warranty




6. Ichiro Offset Haircut Scissors

Ichiro haircut scissors made from Japanese steel

Ichiro produces high-quality haircut scissors from Japanese steel for hairdressers and barbers across the world. The most popular haircut scissor from Ichiro is their Offset Model due to its professional design, sharp convex-edge blade, and unique ball-bearing blade tension technology.

Each pair of Ichiro haircut scissors comes with a full set including a maintenance kit, scissor case, texturizing razor, and more!


  • ✔️ Premium Steel
  • ✔️ Sharp Convex Edge Blade
  • ✔️ Offset Ergonomics


  •  Only available in 6" right handed size




7. Kamisori Sword Haircut Scissor

Kamisori haircut scissor with a sword blade design

The Kamisori Sword haircut scissor is a popular model for barbershops due to its large and powerful blade. Most barbering haircut techniques require a longer blade and Kamisori delivers one of the best scissors for this.


  • ✔️ Sword Convex Edge Blade
  • ✔️ Professional Design
  • ✔️ Ergonomic Handle


  • High price



8. Ichiro Rose Gold Haircut Scissor

Ichiro Rose Gold haircut scissor

Ichiro produces high-quality scissors for professional haircuts. One of the most popular haircut scissor types is the Rose Gold design.

Don't be fooled by the stylish Rose Gold design, the Ichiro haircut scissors are made from premium steel with sharp convex edge blades for effortless haircutting.


  • ✔️ Premium Steel
  • ✔️ Lifetime Warranty!
  • ✔️ Convex Slice Scissor Edge


  •  Limited to a 6.0" size

Conclusion: What are the best haircut scissors?

Choosing a new pair of haircut scissors doesn't need to be a difficult task. Finding the right pair means that your haircut scissors have a comfortable handle, sharp blade for haircutting.

If you are unsure what type of haircut scissor brands to use, the most popular ones are:

  • Jaguar Scissors
  • Juntetsu Scissors
  • Joewell Scissors
  • Mina Scissors
  • Kamisori Scissors
Choosing a trusted and reputable scissor brand can save you half the hassle of finding the best value haircut scissor.


Let us know your thoughts on the best haircut scissors! Each pair is handmade with care and can cut hair, but the difference between an expensive one and a cheap one is how long they can cut hair without breaking or becoming blunt.

This article was researched and referenced from the best sources:


  • Are these the best haircut scissors? I don’t know, but there are some nice-looking hair scissors here. Some of them look like excellent gifts for a friend or relative who is entering the world of barbering and hair salons (I know there are differences between the two but I’m not sure what). I wish there was a website letting you know where to get the best haircuts at!


    David Smythe

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