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Best Beginner Hair Cutting Scissors & Shears

With so many types of hair scissors and shears available online, how do we know which pair is the best for beginners, students and apprentices?

In this article, we will walk through beginner hair scissors and how to choose the best value pair!

Let's jump right into it!


Quick Summary

There are so many pairs for beginners and professionals, but how do you choose the best value apprentice and student scissors online?

We are covering the top 8 beginner hair shears that are suitable for anyone looking to start hairdressing, barbering or cutting hair at home.

Timeless Beginner Scissor Set Timeless Scissors Set
  • Complete Scissor Set
  • Offset Ergonomics
  • Hand Adjustable Tension
View Product →
Jaguar Jay 2 Beginner Apprentice Cutting Scissor Jaguar Jay 2 Hair Cutting Scissors
  • German Chrome Steel
  • Best value for money
  • Offset ergonomics to reduce fatigue
View Product →
Mina Umi Beginner Scissor Mina Umi Cutting Scissor
  • Stainless Steel
  • Flat Edge Blade
  • Offset Ergonomics
View Product →
Mina Matte Black Student and Apprentice Scissor Set Mina Matte Black Set
  • Matte Black Coating
  • Convex Edge Blade
  • Key Adjustable Tension
  • Offset Ergonomics
View Product →
Ichiro Ergo Apprentice Set Ichiro Ergo Scissors Set
  • Stainless Steel
  • Serrated Blades
  • Offset Ergonomics
View Product →
Mina Barber Scissor Ichiro Barber Shear 
  • Long Barbering Blade
  • Matte Black Coating
  • Offset Ergonomics
View Product →
Jaguar Beginner Hair Scissors Jaguar Pre Style Ergo Scissors
  • Chromium Steel
  • Satin Finish
  • Offset Ergonomics
View Product →
Best Pink Hair Scissor Jaguar Pink Pre Style Ergo Hair Cutting Scissors
  • Pink Colour Coating
  • German Micro Serration Blade
  • Lightweight ergonomics
View Product →


3 Tips Know For Buying Beginner, Student and Apprentice Scissors

What you need to know before buying hair scissors

When looking at hairdressing and barbering scissors for the first time, it can be quite overwhelming. That's why we have put together tips on how to choose beginner hair scissors for students, apprentices or home hairdressing enthusiasts.

1. The Size Of Hair Shears

There are a lot of different hairdressing scissor sizes, but don't get caught up on trying to figure out the ultimate size for you.

Most sizes are preferences and might even refer to the type of hairdressing and barbering techniques you are looking at.

The most common sizes used by female hairstylists are:

  • 5" inch shears
  • 5.5" inch shears 
  • 6" inch shears
The most common sizes used by male hairstylists are:
  • 6" inch shears
  • 6.5" inch shears
  • 7" inch shears

Follow these steps to find the right size of hair scissors for you:

Before you get started with shopping online for a new pair of hairdressing scissors, follow these steps to choosing the right size for you:

  • Get a ruler or an old pair of hairdressing scissors
  • Open your left hand and place it on the palm of your hand
  • Measure the full hair scissors or ruler against the palm of your hand
  • Put the tip of the blade or the ruler on the end of your middle finger
  • Measure the blade or ruler against your middle finger
When beginner, student or apprentices email us asking about size, we recommend going for a 6" inch as its the most commonly sold all-rounder size that suits everyone's needs.

2. The Types Of Hair Scissors

There are just a few main types of hairdressing scissors that beginners should look at before purchasing. 

The most common type of hairdressing scissor for beginners, students and apprentices is the Short Blade (5.5" to 6") shear.

Short Blade Hair Cutting Scissors

Short blade scissors

Hairdressing scissors with short blades are between the sizes; 5" inches and 6" inches.


The shorter blade scissors cover pretty much every hair cutting techniques you could need. They are by far the most popular and almost all the beginner hair scissors come in 5.5" or 6" sizes for this reason.

Long Blade Hair Cutting Scissors

Long blade barber shear

Hairdressing scissors with short blades are between the sizes; 6" inches and 7.5" inches.


If you are beginning to learn barbering techniques, then the long blade 6.5" or 7" sizes are best for you. Beginners need to learn about the 'over the comb' technique that works best with a longer blade.

Texturising Thinning Scissors

Yasaka thinning scissor


Texturising and thinning scissors are important for thick hair. A few chomping motions of a thinning scissor will allow you to thin out the thick hair.

For beginners we recommend a thinning scissor or texturizing shear with 30 to 40 teeth and around 5.5" or 6" in size.

3. The Hair Scissor Handles

The different handle types of hairdressing scissors

There are multiple hair scissor handles for beginners and we definitely recommend the traditional or offset for hairdressers and barbers just starting out.

Offset Scissor Handles

The offset handle puts your grip in a natural position and reduces strain. You will notice that almost every beginner and apprentice hair shear uses an offset handle.

This is become its the safest and most ergonomic way to cut hair, and the opposing classic (below) handle is more popular with older techniques and simplistic scissor designs.

Opposing Classic Scissor Handles

The classic, traditional or symetrical hair scissor handles have no offset and have a simple design.

These are popular for scissors that you can just pick up and start cutting. There is no ergonomic features attached to these handles, so be careful if you are cutting for long hours.

Crane Scissor Handles

The crane scissors are the most ergonomic with stronger offset design on the handle. You will not find many beginner scissors with a crane handle as its more for professionals looking for a pair of scissors with a high level of ergonomics.

Left-Handed Scissor Handles

For left handed beginner, student or apprentice hairdressers, you can buy any lefty pair with an offset or traditional handle. The difference is only on the angles and for beginners, its important to learn how to hold left handed scissors the right way.


If you are a beginner, student or apprentice looking for a new pair, then the best recommendation is a 6" size, an offest handle, and a short blade for easy hair cutting techniques.


The Top 8 Best Hair Cutting Scissors

1. Mina Timeless Scissor Set 

Mina Timeless Beginner Scissor Set


The most popular hairdressing scissor set available at an affordable price. The Mina Timeless makes for a great beginner hair cutting and thinning shear set.
The cutting and thinning scissors are perfect all rounders that fit men and women in size, cutting techniques and comfortable offset ergonomics.
This set also includes a cleaning cloth, maintenance oil and two combs.


  • ✔️ Full Scissor Set
  • ✔️ Sharp Flat Edge Blade
  • ✔️ Well-balanced design
  • ✔️ Professional offset ergonomics


  •  Limited to one colour

2. Jaguar Jay 2 Hair Cutting Scissors

Jaguar Jay 2 Hair Cutting Scissor

The most popular and best-selling hair cutting scissor in Australia. The Jaguar Jay 2 is the best all-rounder pair that suits professionals, apprentices, and home hairdressing enthusiasts.  

Jaguar is Europe's most popular hair scissor manufacturer with over 80 years of experience producing professional products. They produce consistently reliable hair cutting scissors that make them extremely popular.

If you are looking for a pair of entry-level or generally affordable hair cutting scissors, the Jay 2 scissors are the best choice. 


  • ✔️ Most affordable quality pair
  • ✔️ Bevel edge cutting blade
  • ✔️ Well-balanced design


  •  Sharpened often

3. Mina Umi Cutting Scissor

Mina Umi Student and Apprentice Scissors


The Mina Umi hair scissor is the most sold pair on the Japan Scissors site. High-quality stainless steel, professionally sharp blade, offset ergonomics and a simple design.


If you are looking for the best value beginner or apprentice hair cutting shear, then the Umi comes in various sizes and cuts really well for professionals or home hairdressing. 


  • ✔️ Various Sizes
  • ✔️ Stainless Steel
  • ✔️ Offset Ergonomics


  •  May require sharpening more often if used everyday
  • ❌ Only available with blue jewel

4. Mina Matte Black Scissor Set

 Mina Matte Black Scissors Set


The most popular black hairdressing scissor set at an affordable price! These Mina Matte Black scissors set come with an offset design, sharp blades and suit every hair styling and cutting technique.
They have become popular for beginners and home hairdressers due to their affordability and reliable cutting experience.



  • ✔️ Matte Black Design
  • ✔️ Sharp Convex Edge Blades
  • ✔️ Offset Ergonomics
  • ✔️ Great Value!


  •  Only available in right handed



5. Ichiro Ergo Scissor Set

Ichiro beginner ergo set

Perfect for apprentices looking to cut hair like a pro at home, in the salon or at the barber shop.

The Ichiro Ergo models feature an offset ergonomic design, sharp serrated edges and a smooth polished finish.

Easily one of the best and most affordable entry level hairdressing scissor sets that suit both professionals and beginners.

Suitable for all beginner hairdressing and barbering hair cutting techniques.



  • ✔️ Micro- Serrated Blades
  • ✔️ Lightweight Ergonomic Design
  • ✔️ Polished Finish


  •  Not suitable for convex edge style slice cutting




6. Mina Barber Shear

Mina Beginner Barber Scissor for Apprentices and Students


Looking to buy a barber shear for a beginner? The Mina Barber scissor is a long-blade that's perfect for beginner barber techniques such as 'over the comb'.
The Mina Barber shears feature offset ergonomics, sharp flat edge blades and a simple tension adjustment for when it loosens up.


  • ✔️ Stainless Steel
  • ✔️ Beginner Barber Shear
  • ✔️ Offset Ergonomics


  •  Only available in 7" right handed sizes




7. Jaguar Pre Style Ergo Scissors

Jaguar Beginner Hair Scissors

Jaguar produces high quality hairdressing and barber scissors in Germany for Australians. The Ergo series includes a sharp bevel edge blade, satin coated finish and well-balanced design.

The Ergo model is popular for beginners as its an entry-level professional scissor just as much as its a affordable and well-performing home and beginner hair scissor.


  • ✔️ Bevel Edge Blade
  • ✔️ Lightweight Design
  • ✔️ Satin Finish


  •  Traditional handle design



8. Jaguar Pink Pre Style Ergo Hair Cutting Scissors

Jaguar Pink Hair Cutting Scissors

Jaguar hair cutting scissors are made in Germany. The Jaguar brand is well renowned for producing premium quality hairdressing and barbering scissors at affordable prices. 

The Pink Jaguar Pre Style Scissors are made in Germany with high-quality steel, sharp classic blades and traditional handle design.

The classic blade has micro serrations to ensure that it gives silent and effortless cutting motions.


  • ✔️ Made in Germany
  • ✔️ Allergy-neutral pink coating
  • ✔️ Professional micro-serrated blade


  •  Limited to a traditional opposing handle design


Jaguar scissors are professional hairdressing shears made in Germany. They have unique styles, professional ergonomics, and sharp micro serrations on their blades for the sharpest cuts. The pink Jaguar scissors are the most popular colour coated pair in Australia and New Zealand.

Beginner's Guide To Maintaining and Sharpening Your Scissors

How to cut hair

For beginners looking to keep your scissors safe, clean and sharp for a long time, then its important to know how to maintain them.

A beginner's pair of hair cutting shears cut work well for years if you clean and maintain them well.

1. Clean and disinfect after cutting

You can clean your scissors after a few cuts to disinfect and avoid a build up of grime, oil and hair getting stick in between the blades.

Wipe the scissors down with a paper towel or cloth, use alcohol or hot water to clean the blades. 

2. Oil the blades

After cleaning your scissors, you willwant to oil the blades. This ensures that the cutting motions are smooth and the blades don't scrape or grind against each other unnecessarily.

3. Adjust the scissor tension

For beginners looking at how to adjust the tension of your scissors, it just means to ensure that the blades are tight, but not too tight.

You will want to adjust them so they are tight enough that you cut open and close them effortlessly, but avoid having them too tight so that there is scraping and uncomfortable sounds coming from them.

What are the differences between beginner scissors and professional scissors?

Biggest question around is why are these $1000 professional hair scissors so expensive and the beginner apprentice hairdressing set only $200?

The main reason why the price for beginner scissors is so cheap is the basic design, mass production and simple stainless steel.

Hairdressing scissors made for beginners at home, apprentices and students only need basic stainless steel that can maintain a sharp bevel, flat or convex edge blade for hair cutting.

When you upgrade to a premium professional pair of scissors, the material is much higher quality.

Compared to beginner scissors, the professional hairdressing scissors have a much finer and sharper blade that is perfect for advance hairdressing techniques.

Another perk of higher quality scissors is that they last a lot longer. For professionals cutting hair everyday, they need a pair that will last for many years and stay sharper for longer.

The Conclusion: What Are The Best Beginner Hair Cutting Shears?

The best beginner hair shears are available online at Japan Scissors. Its not easy to make a beginner's choice, so its important to remember to keep things simple.

The best beginner scissors are between 5.5" and 6" inches in size, they include an offset handle for a comfortable grip and sharp flat, bevel or serrated edge blade for easy hair cutting motions.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $99 and $249 for a single pair or set of hairdressing or barber shears for beginners.

Make sure to keep you hair shears sharp, clean and well maintained to ensure they last you at least a few years.

Did we miss any of your favourite or best beginner hair scissors? Let us know in the comments below!

This article was researched and referenced from the best sources:


  • After going through these I’m quite partial to the mina barber shear. Total beginner here, I just give the occasional trim to family members but that’s it. I don’t think I plan to make it a career, but I know I need some better scissors than the ones bought on a whim from a no-name store.



  • I know that the pandemic led to many people going back to cutting hair for their families. I won’t comment on the quality of the haircuts because desperate times call for desperate measures. However, if you’re going to cut the kids’ hair on a regular basis (or just keep things trimmed), a beginner hair cutting scissor set probably isn’t a bad idea. This list has pros and cons, which always makes it easier to choose things and there are prices in all different ranges.


    Paul Vincent

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