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Benefits of Hair Cutting Scissor Sets

Every good hairstylist knows you can’t have just one pair of hair cutting scissors. There are different types of scissors for different types of hair textures and cuts. From  thinning shears to traditional cutting scissors, you need to have multiple hair cutting scissors that will prepare you for every client that sits in your chair. Afterall, the most important tools in a hairdresser’s toolkit are his or her scissors!

Scissor Sets are More Affordable

While you can go out and purchase your shears one by one, that can get expensive. Hair cutting scissor sets are designed to give you the full package of scissors at a more affordable rate. Sets are usually discounted so you can get more bang for your buck.

Benefits of Buying Scissor Sets

In addition to the cost being lower, when you purchase a scissor set instead of buying your shears one by one, you can experience the following benefits:

  •         You get the same brand of hair cutting scissors as your thinning scissors to keep your toolkit cohesive.
  •         Sets are usually matching in color, so you can get a beautiful set of rose gold, gold or silver shears and keep your toolkit looking chic!
  •         Buying a set takes the guesswork out of it. If you are unsure of what types of scissors you need, you can’t go wrong with buying a set to make sure you cover all your bases.

What Comes in a Scissor Set?

This depends. We carry several different types of scissor sets, tailored to different stylist’s needs. some sets come with two pairs of scissors, such as a pair of thinning shears and a pair of traditional hair cutting scissors.

The best hair cutting scissor set comes with:

  1.       Hair cutting scissors
  2.       Maintenance accessories (cloth, oil brush, tension adjuster, etc. to keep your scissors on point)
  3.       Protective pouch to keep your scissors protected and away from other tools in your bag
  4.       Neck razor for final touch ups

Hair Cutting and Thinning Scissor Sets

Some of the most popular scissor sets are those that come with one pair of hair cutting scissors and one pair of hair thinning scissors. We have several sets available that come with the following:

  1.       Haircutting shears
  2.       Hair thinning and texturizing scissors
  3.       Protective leather pouch
  4.       Maintenance kit to keep your scissors in tip top shape
  5.       Hair razor for touch ups on the neck and sides
  6.       Hair comb to give you the most precise cut

Caring for Your Hair Cutting Scissors

Whether you purchase a scissor set or if you purchase each pair of scissors individually, it is important that you treat them gently and care for them properly to keep them cutting at their best. Here are a few tips for caring for your hair cutting scissors:

  •         Treat them with kindness. When you are using your scissors, be gentle. Do not just throw them on the counter between cuts. Set them down gently and treat them like your most important tool.
  •         Keep the hair off them. Make sure to wipe your scissors down regularly during each cut (not just between cuts). This will keep hair off the blades and will allow you to make precise cuts and keep the blades from becoming dull.
  •         Properly clean and oil your scissors every day. Keeping them clean and oiled will keep them sharp and operating at their best.
  •         Store them in the protective bag alone. Never throw your scissors in a bag full of hair cutting tools. You can damage the blades and make them dull or out of alignments.


  • Hairdressing scissors sets sound like a fantastic gift for new stylists or maybe even new students (anyone know if students should wait before getting their first hair cutting scissors?) This would probably be good for someone with a larger family that cuts their kids’ hair too.


    Jorge Castillo

  • I started cutting my own hair in 2020 due to Covid-19. I get better at it as I learned and now I am able to give myself trims at home and no longer need to rely on someone to do it for me. I have been using old hair scissors and tools from different brands and I know the quality can be better so I have been considering getting some new items. A friend told me I should just get a set to save money but I had no idea there were other benefits to owning a complete set for hair cutting. I think it is worth it especially now that I am cutting my husband’s hair as well!


    Jane M.

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