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How To Cut Curly And Wavy Bangs (Fringe)?

Bangs are a fantastic way to update your look without cutting the length of your hair by just choosing the right style of your fringe. And with the variety of hairstyles, it is almost impossible not to find a hairstyle that can match your fabulous face. 

This article will tell you what mistakes you can avoid while cutting your bangs and how you can get a perfect haircut. Without further ado, let us begin:

A guide on Cutting Curly Bangs

Curly bangs look cute on specific faces. If you are sporting a slimmer face, the chances are that you will look even more beautiful with curly bangs. You must pay attention to these things while cutting bangs:

Never cut when hair is wet

You must cut your hair with a hairdryer and when your hair is in a natural state. Wet hair usually gets extended, and you might end up cutting your bangs too short. Because when the curly or wavy hair dries, they often shrink.

Never cut when hair is straightened

Don’t ever try to cut hair after straightening your hair. Curly or wavy hair roll back and shrink if you cut your hair while being straightened. Not only that, but you will also end up cutting your hair way shorter than you are supposed to.

Start of head slope (forehead hairline)

Everyone has a similar-shaped head. However, not everyone has the same forehead line. We also call this the head slope.

  • Some people have a big head slope, while some don’t. To begin cutting your bangs accurately, you need to know the start of your head slope.
  • A professional tip used here is to create an imaginary triangular shape on your head slope, with the top of the triangle pointing towards your head slope’s start.

You can then start cutting these bangs. 

No Face-frame

If you have no face-frame at all, it is better to rinse off your hair and then style them. Once the hair is completely dry, it will become easier for you to go into details.

Use comfortable scissors

You will be moving your hand in all directions while cutting your hair – having a scissor that can easily fit into your hand and is comfortable will help you reach results faster and better.

Style your bangs

Having the bangs is not enough; you must take care of them. 

Keep hydrated

Keep your bangs hydrated for good curl definition. Otherwise, you will end up messing your hair. For this, you must use some good moisturizers. Even if you want to fluff your bangs, use a moisturizer first and then shampoo it.

Blow-dry your bangs

Blows dry your bangs from the top of your hair. And you are then brushing your hair from one side to the other. In the end, use a barrel brush and dry off.

Use Dry Shampoo

Continually brushing your bangs might end up leaving your hair greasy and steel off all the fluff of your bangs. To prevent this, you can use dry shampoo and tease through with your fingertips. It will not only help your bangs cut off the grease but also stop them from looking flat.

We hope that this guide has helped you. If you have any other queries, hit us up, and we will try our best to help you. 

Conclusion: how do I cut curly bangs at home or at the salon?

Continuously, consistently, consistently trim wavy periphery with the hair dry and in its common state. Why? In the event that it's wet or fixed first, you hazard trimming the blasts too short on the grounds that wavy and wavy hair types normally contract when they dry.

While separating, focus on where the head begins to slant down to the temple and afterward make a three-sided area with the highest point of the triangle arrival on this point. "By utilizing this high point, you won't get any long pieces falling over," shares Evan. The other two focuses should then land directly on the edge of the eyes.

Have a customer with practically zero face-outline? Evan says to leave the periphery about an inch or two longer, at that point feel free to wash and style the hair. When the weight is eliminated, the twists will jump up a piece and it'll be simpler to go in and detail each twist to the ideal length. At the point when you're trimming wavy hair, you hold your hands every single diverse way.

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