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Best Haircut Technique For Square Face

When you are looking for the best haircut that suits you, you need to know the type of face you have. In case you are wondering if you have a square face, a square face length is approximately equal to its width. Also, people with a square face usually feature prominent cheekbones and jaw angles. 

If you just discovered that you have a square face, you can be happy. The truth is that people with a square face tend to be very photogenic even when they grow older. So, all you need is to pick the best haircut to suit you and accentuate your beautiful lines. 

Ultimately, girls with a square face should look to show off their prominent cheekbones and sculptural chin but, at the same time, they should also look to correct their strong jawline. Simply put, you should look for a hairstyle that uses face-framing locks as well as asymmetry. 

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10 Hair Tips For Square Faces

 How to cut and style hair for square faces

1. Hair volume

When you are looking for the best hairstyle for you, you need to pay special attention to the volume at the roots. If you get it right, your face will look longer. Besides, you can also try to use soft waves and round off the transitions between textures.

2. Hair colour

In what concerns to the colour you choose, you should consider dyeing separate locks or go for ombre. However, you should avoid defined borders between the hues. Ultimately, you're looking for softness and smoothness.

3. Hairstyle options

One of the best things about having a square face is that you have plenty of options in terms of haircuts. Between elongated pageboy haircuts to layered haircuts, your possibilities are quite endless. 

4. Bangs for a square face?

You should avoid straight bangs and hairstyles that mimic the shape of your face. Distinct graded layers are a more flattering option for you. In case you want to have bangs, you should go for the side ones to get a distraction from the broad forehead and relieving the sharpness of your facial features. 

5. Side parting hair

As we already mentioned above, a good asymmetric haircut is a great option, but you can also go for a side parting if you prefer. However, you should choose a parting that is slightly shifted from the central line. 

The use of a side part will assist with relaxing your solid square framework by balancing points all over. A side part permits you to play with the extents of your face and trial with various looks! TIP: Switching sides for your side part will assist with adding volume and lengthen your face!

6. Square jaw 

If you're looking to strategically cover your jaw corners, then you can opt for a straight shoulder-length or longer tresses along the cheeks. This will make your face seem more elongated and narrower. 

7. Wavy hair 

When you are looking for a variety of haircuts that suit you well, you need to think of waves. The main goal is to look feminine and frame your face with waves and curls. Some of your options may include beach waves, tousled locks, or shiny, bouncy curls.

8. Hair Updos 

In case you like to wear some updos every once in a while, you can certainly do so. Ultimately, you need to use updos that add some volume on top so you can lengthen your face. However, you want to make sure that you leave long side bangs or a few curls on one side.

9. Side volume 

Too much volume along the sides at the level of jaw and cheekbones is a no-no. Ultimately, this will only broaden your face even more. That is why the side part is so popular as it softens the sides.

10. Short or long hair

As a rule of thumb, short haircuts aren't usually a good option for a square. However, it is always important to keep in mind that every face is different. So, a short haircut may actually fit your beautiful square face perfectly. 

short hair is definitely a possibility for people who have a square facial structure, yet you wouldn't need a dull trim that hits directly at your jaw corners. However long you relax the edges to the detriment of surface, you can wear your agreeable short hair length and look extraordinary.

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