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Top Reasons to Become a Barber

You can say that barbering has been given new life or a new face in recent times, because men now take more appreciation in their appearance, facial hair is now so popular, and getting really nice haircuts is like the icing on a cake.

With how barbering has become popular, it has become very easy to get to a barber shop because there are now so many opening up around streets near you and shopping centres.

In the past 5 years, the employment rate for barbers increased by 5.8% and will most likely stay that way throughout 2020, meaning that choosing a career in barbering will definitely pay off.

Because of how the barbering profession is increasing in popularity, there are now qualifications that come with certificate available like, Certificate III in Barbering (SHB30516). This certification is designed to make you become a better barber in an industrial environment.

It is the responsibility of a barber to cut and style men’s hair and beard with the use of different tools like hair trimmers and clippers, razors, scissors and also hair and beard care.

There are many aspects in which a career in can be lucrative and rewarding. It could be through satisfying your clients or being creative while making money in the process.

Male grooming trends are evolving continuously because nobody wants to be caught not looking good and having nice haircuts is one way to always look nice.

Which is why barbershops are now the fastest growing shops on the streets, meaning the need for barbers in the industry is on the rise.

How to Become a Barber?

A student becoming a barber
Before today barbers needed to study the Certificate III in Hairdressing before becoming a barber.

Regrettably, students were not able to get a hang of the ideal techniques needed for barbing like cut-throat shaving or beard trimming. Additional training was required by students to acquire the necessary skills to become a barber.

All the requirements you need to become a barber, we have put together in one certification. If you passion and drive is to become a stand out barber with a unique style, then you need to take this course. Be the best in your field, combine what you know and what you have learnt with steady practice and you will have exactly what employers are looking for.

This is a certification that is centred on the craft of barbering. All the traditions of old school barbering as well as the new school techniques of urban barbering will be taught.

We are happy to offer students with the opportunity of studying the Certificate III in barbering, which is a well-respected certificate in barbering industry and is taught by professional barber. The following techniques will be learnt by students; carving, freehand clipping and track, in which designs are shaved into the hair.

Daily Requirements of a Barber

A barber working on his client's hair
A barber’s workspace is the salon, that’s where the styling of clients’ hair is done. It is important for a barber to ask the client how they would like their hair to be styled and be able to give professional advice on how to keep the hair healthy with the use of various salon products. Below are the tasks to be carried out by a barber;

  • Ask the clients’ how they would like their hair to be styled.
  • Offer healthy hair treatment advise to clients
  • Use the appropriate tools and products for cutting and styling of hair.
  • Groom facial hair.
  • Complete administrative duties and sell products.

Skills Needed to Become a Barber

In order to build a solid reputation as a barber and have a strong client base, you must know how to communicate properly with your clients. Pay attention to your clients’ requests and figure out the best way to get the job done.

As a barber get familiar with all techniques that add class, style and be up to date with the latest fashion trends. Carry out surveys and research on how to run a salon business. Take a look at the skills you need to be a good barber;

  • Be a good listener and have excellent communication skills.
  • Have proficient and broad knowledge about hairdressing.
  • Be able to work under pressure.
  • Have an eye for detail and class.
  • Be passionate about fashion and style.

Be an Artist

A barber artistically styling his client's hair

When people come to your salon, they have come to check out your barbering skills, they want to see what you have to offer. Some clients may not require you to do much, just a little trim or clean up and there are other clients who will like for you to use your skill-set and come out with something distinct and special. There are others who will come looking for a new style, and the ones who want to go with the trend.

At this point you should see yourself as an artist, get creative and stylish, and be able to wow your clients with your barbering skills and creativity.

Be Your Own Boss

When you become a barber you are setting up yourself to become your own boss. A lot of barbers prefer to be self-employed and work in barbers shops. This gives them the flexibility or choosing working hours or days. You can also choose to work for someone else or yourself. Whatever the choice, your priority is to satisfy and keep your clients happy and they will keep patronising you as well as recommend you to their friends.

Be Friendly

When you decide to take on the barbering profession, put into consideration the social aspect the jobs comes with. As a barber you are not just there to cut and style hair, you can be a friend to your clients’ listen to their stories, share your thoughts and opinions about something if necessary. Usually a barbershop has the type of atmosphere that is filled with energy but also a place you relax. The relationship between a barber and a client is more like friendship that official. One way to build your client base is by being friendly.

Give Your Clients Self-Confidence

When people go to cut their hair, they go there with different reasons. For some they just want a routine haircut to look neat, while others may need a haircut for special days in their lives like wedding, of award ceremonies. It may sound cliché but fact is a clean haircut can give you more carriage and confidence in yourself.

If you have finally decided to become a barber, Australia has a variety of really good schools where you can learn the newest of styles and techniques for the barbering industry.
Things you should know as a studying barber
Completing an apprenticeship in hairdressing is essential if you are to become a professional barber. You can start this during high school or by acquiring several tertiary qualifications and certificates.

According to forecasts, there will be steady increase in job opportunities for barbers in the next two years. The starting salary is around $30,000 and as a senior barber who was certain clients that require private services can get paid up to $55,000 or more depending on the rates.

All your training should be put to good use and kick-start your hairdressing career on a good note. Make sure you outline your area of expertise and personal strengths as well as achievements in your resume.
You have variety of options to pick from if you want to be a barber in Australia.

Private Barber Schools

Private barbering courses are offered by a lot of educational providers that last between 1 to 3 months averagely, depending on the course you choose.
For short courses, that are about 6 to 8 weeks longs are best for beginners that want to know the basics of barbering.

How Much for Private Barbering Courses?

The cost of private barbering courses differ depending of the educational provider, the length of the course and the qualification you will attain at the end.
The reason why private barbering courses are more expensive than further education is because of the extra benefits you will be exposed to like; frequent one-on-one training and support, access to skilled teachers and trainers, more hands-on practice and smaller classes.

TAFE or College Education

Begin your career in barbering with this A-level qualification. You will learn skills and the know-how necessary in become a barber.

According to the Australian Governments Job Outlook services, there is a high demand for individuals with skills in hairdressing and barbering and employers are finding it hard to fill such vacancies. The barbering industry got stronger over the past five years and is more likely to keep growing with the possibility of creating more than 31,000 job openings over the next five years.

You will acquire skills in head and face shaving, carving and clipper over comb techniques. You will also learn different types of modern salon usage including stock management, building and retaining client base and even carrying out financial transactions. Your classes will be held in classrooms and in simulated professional salon environments supported by industry-experienced teachers.


An apprentice in barbering usually takes between 2 and 3 years to finish and are mostly between the ages of 16 to 18 years who has recently completed high school or TAFE education.

Before you go for an apprenticeship, you need to find a college that offers apprenticeship in barbering and a barbershop that is ready to take on an apprentice.

How Much do Apprentices Make and Live on?

If you want to be an apprentice, you don’t have to pay for this, but will rather be paid by your employer. The take home for an apprentice depends on age and how long your apprenticeship will go on for.

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