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How long does it take to become a good barber?

The time that it takes to get good at barbering varies from work and different working environments and schools. 

There is a Basic Barbering course in Sydney, NSW, that takes a few hundred hours of classroom and cutting experience.

After you have 200-300 hours of the initial experience, you should now be able to cut hair more naturally, but it will take many more months before you are confident with the basics.

You can study barber techniques for a few hundred hours, but you need real-world experience cutting hair and trimming beards to become a good barber.

To become a master barber, then you may need over 1500 hours of experience. Private barber schools are especially good at helping you become a good barber, as they give you time to practice all the techniques you are not confident with.

When people ask, “how long does it take to become a good barber”, it ends up being a tricky question to answer. The main aspects that will lead to you becoming a good barber are:

  • Over 200 or 300 hours studying to become a barber
  • 300-500 hours of real-world haircutting experience
  • Additional 100-200 hours of private barber school to improve on techniques you are not confident with

It takes over 800 hours to become a good barber and over 1500 hours to become a master barber. Everyone person is different, and to some, it comes naturally.

Let us know what you think about how long it takes to become a good barber! Leave a comment below.

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