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What Is Aichei Scissor Steel?

We often get a request for scissors made with Aichei steel, but is this steel high quality and is it suitable for professionals?

We have done researched, but have yet to definitively confirm the source of Aichei steel.

After a search for Aichei steel, we found that the Australian brand "Matsui" has relabeled high quality 440c steel as Aichei steel.

Aichei steel appears to have been made in China and not Japan.

For hairdressers and barbers looking for Japanese steel scissors and shears, there are various steel types available that are made in Japan.

Aichei steel is high quality and is a great example of how China is now able to compete with Japanese steel manufacturers like Hitachi.

What we now understand is that there is a certain caliber of steel that meets the professional standards of hairdressers and barbers, and Aichei is definitely on the list.

The results of our research around Aichei steel include:

  • Aichei steel is high quality stainless steel 
  • Aichei steel is a brand created by Scissor Tech 
  • Aichei steel is made in China
  • Aichei steel is above average and meets the standards for hairdressers and barbers

The best steel we can recommend is Hitachi and Jaoanese steel outperforms time after time.

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