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What Brand Scissors Do Hairdressers Use?

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There are a very very large number of hairdressing scissors brands in Australia. Some are from Australian companies, some Japanese, Chinese and even Italian and German.

But which brands are the most popular for hairdressers that use their cutting tools everyday?

We have interviewed over 80 hairdressers since January 2020 until now to figure out what hairdressing scissor brands hair professionals use (names and links are at the bottom).

The list starts with:

  1. Yasaka Japan Shears: high quality made in Japan shears starting from $349
  2. Joewell Hairdressing Scissors: premium Japanese steel made in Osaka, Japan starting from $500
  3. Jaguar Solingen Germany: affordable hair cutting scissors that start from $149
  4. Ichiro Scissors: affordable and high quality hairdressing scissors starting from $150
  5. Osaka Passion Scissors: a western hair scissor company making unique starts that start from $400
  6. Kasho Scissors: a U.K. hairdressing scissor brand using high quality Japanese steel starting from $350
  7. Toyo Scissors: an Australian hair scissor company based out of Canberra with scissors starting from $200
  8. Juntetsu Scissors: high quality Japanese steel (Hitachi 440c and VG10) hair scissors for professionals that start from $249
  9. Hikari Scissors: one of the oldest and most affordable Japanese scissor manufacturers with scissors starting from $450
  10. Fuji MoreZ Scissors: premium, top of the line, made in Japan hairdressing scissors starting from $1,500
  11. Yamato Scissors: made by Fuji scissors, a premium line of hand crafted Japanese scissors starting from $2,000
  12. Wahl Scissors: made in China, they are one of the cheapest and most affordable brands starting from $50

When discussing "What brand of hair scissors do hairdressers and barbers use?", we found that the majority buy Japanese, local Australian or Jaguar German brands.

The choice of scissor brands changes all the time and we mainly see that the scissors between $150 and $500 are the most popular. No longer do people buy from hairdressing scissors brands that sell products valued at $3000 or more.

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