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What Are Hair Dressing Scissors

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 "Hair Dressing" Scissors have sharp bevel or convex edge blades and are used at home, salons and barbershop.

The Hair Dressing scissors traditionally had serrated edges, but nowadays the quality of steel allows for sharp clean edges.

The different between a barber shear and a pair of hair dressing scissors is the size and style.

Barbers typically use longer 7" inch shears and most professionals at salons use a 5.5" or 6" hair dressing scissor.

The sharpness of the hair dressing scissor always you to cut through thick and curly hair with little to no resistance. 

A hair dresser needs the right tools to cut their clients hair.

There is nothing more difficult for a hair dresser than being unprepared or having blunt scissor.

Keep your shears sharp and your clients will keep coming back to you as the best hair dresser in town.


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