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What Are Damascus Hair Scissors?

Damascus steel hairdressing scissors and barber shears

Almost every popular hairdressing scissor brand has a Damascus steel hair shear model, but what is it and is it worth the high price?

What Are Damascus Steel Hair Scissors?

Damascus steel is historically famous for its strength and unique design.

The Damascus steel features water-like swirls and waving patterns that move from a lighter colour to a darker colour interchangeably. 

They are well known to have maintained a sharp edge, were incredibly hard and are known to have created some of the worlds more powerful swords.

Where Is Damascus Steel From?

Damascus steel blades

Originally from India and the city of Damascus. The steel has been crafted for over two thousand years and is well recognised as a powerful and beautiful material.

Unfortunately, the original method to make Damascus steel has been lost since the 1700s, and has never been recreated.

Nowadays, the process to make Damascus steel is just a pattern and design. 

For hairdressing and barber scissors made from Damascus steel, you will likely be buying high-quality steel that has a Damascus type of coating or design.

Are Damascus Scissors Worth The Price?

One of the biggest questions is, should I buy Damascus hair scissors?

The truth is that you are buying the style and design that replicates the Damascus steel look.

To ensure you are getting a high quality pair is Damascus Shears, check for the materials used to create the scissors.

The most common steel used to make Damascus scissors are:

  • 440C Japanese steel
  • 440A steel
  • VG10 Steel
  • Cobalt Steel

If it says "Damascus Steel', then you should inquire further to find out the real materials used and if they are of high quality.


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