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What Are Convex Edge Hairdressing Scissors?

What are convex edge scissors blades
Convex edge, otherwise known as Clam shaped, blades are the most popular type of scissors for professional hairdressers and barbers.
But what are Convex edge blades and why are they better for haircut than traditional flat blades or bevel edge scissors?

What Are Convex Edge Shear Blades?

Convex edge scissor blades create ultra thin and sharp edges that allow for clean and precise haircutting. 

Japanese hairdressing scissor companies introduced the complex sharp convex edge blade designs to the world under fifty years ago.

The Japanese were able to create these superior blades due to their high-quality Japan steel that had supreme hardness. 

The harder a blade's material, the longer it will hold its sharp form, so you will rarely see cheap scissors using convex edge blades.

Most hairdressers and barbers prefer convex edge scissor blades due to their ultra thing and sharp blades and their ability to stay sharp for longer.

What Type Of Hairdressing Is Convex Edge Scissors Used For?

Hairdressing professionals use the sharp convex edge scissors for sharp and precise haircutting. 

Some hairdressing scissor types are suited to certain techniques, but the convex edge shears are able to perform all haircutting techniques. 

The convex edge blade is so sharp that the opening and closing motion while cutting hair feels completely effortless. 

Convex edge scissors perform well with slice cutting, wisping, layer cuts and scissors over comb.

How Much Does Convex Edge Scissors Cost?

Convex edge hairdressing scissors are generally made from high-quality steel due to the ultra thin nature of the blade.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $250 and $800 for a professional convex edge hairdressing scissor.

Overall, you will save money in the long run as the blade stays requires less maintenance and sharpening. 

How To Sharpen Convex Edge Scossor Blades

How to sharpen convex edge scissor blades

There are numerous different ways to sharpen convex edge hairdressing scissors, but we recommend the professionals. 

Professionals understand the shape and form of convex edge blades and how much sharpening is required to keep the blade sharp, but avoid damaging the edges.

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